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Moving to Wisconsin

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Here is my happybat4 style Facebook post to the AW community.  We are moving to Wisconsin August 15th.  Now that I have finished writing it, I feel like I should have hired DR to make it sound more fun, exciting and emotional.


Well... My Wife is from Wisconsin although she has lived in Southern California most of her life.  When we originally married we had talked about moving out of the state and when Wisconsin came up, I said no way!  As time has gone on and California has gone more and more to hell we actually seriously looked around and really became fond of Wisconsin.  People are happy, crime is low and in the area we are going to, the schools are excellent.


I have lived my entire life in Southern California and it is going to be really hard to move away from my family and friends but we will be near my Wife's family and I am sure we will make new friends.  My daughter is going to be starting the first grade so it should be very easy for her to make new friends.  All of the people seem so nice and laid back.


The final straw for us was, living in a shitty apartment in Arcadia and not being able to find anything else better for less than $2000 a month, and for something with washer/dryer hookups and a yard would be closer to $3000 a month.  We are renting the house below in Mequon, the #1 school district in the entire state and a high end city, for $1750 a month.  Assuming we still like the area we will be buying in a couple years.


This is a 3 bed, 2 bath, Den, dining room & family room, 2.5 car garage 1800 sqft house on 1 acre with a full sized basement split into two rooms, one of which is finished into a "garden room" with huge windows and tons of space... in other words my new man cave (don't tell the wife).  The house is single story plus the basement so no stairs unless we are coming in from the garage or the basement which I love.  This house in Arcadia would easily eclipse 2 million dollars if not more because of the size of the land.  The back yard has a nice deck and then a huge grassy area with a swing set and trampoline bordered by a wooded area.


Any furniture you see is not ours, appliances are.


High res from the rental car:


The rest of these images are from the posting




This is my new man cave:









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Congrats Nate!  House looks great; lots of space on a big lot (no neighbors peeping over the fence).  Sounds like the pros outweigh the cons-  calmer/friendlier neighborhoods, good schools (probably with better teacher/student ratios),  and pretty good pro sports...

I couldn't survive that far from the ocean.


Good luck to you guys out there!

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Yeah, this reminds me of KC where there is a lot of land and there aren't conventional fences dissecting property lines. Just a bunch of space in-between homes. It's unique for an outsider like me to see, but totally normal there.

I'd easily move out there if I didn't have the business opportunities here. I'm still not sure how I'd handle the snow and shoveling though. I guess with the money saved living there I'd just hire someone.

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