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Time to Predict Scoiscia's Postgame Comments

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Glen, since you were wondering, I thought I'd make your prediction ring true, well except for the author of the thread!

"Joesy still had some gas in the tank, and though a pitch or so caught a random lucky bat barrel, the ball was comin' out of his hand and poundin' the mitt nicely. We needed Joe to go deep in the game to keep our bully fresh."

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"Joe the last couple outings the ball was leaving his hand great but just didnt hit the spot he wanted. We were confident the first 3 bombs were luck so we sent him out in the 6th. He ran into some flies in the ointment this outing. We'll turn the page the cubs are a great team. We lost another game tonight on the division and wild card but we'll be alright."

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"Hank's comin' along and showin' signs of gettin' to where he needs to be. Sometimes you gotta go with the catcher that has experience with the guys on the mound. Chris calls a good game and his intangibles are often the difference. What Ianetta brings to the game doesn't necessarily show up in the stats."

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"You've got to tip you cap to the Cubs. I mean they are a great baseball team. I am honestly surprised they haven't won a world series in 100 plus years. Joe was giving everything he had tonight just our luck the Anti-Marine layer was in full effect for the Cubs. As for Pujols...he'll turn things around did you see his homer...I mean golly gee willikers it left his bat in a hurry."


"What about Pujols's base running?"-asks a reporter


"Well Pujols didn't see the stop sign and was reliving his younger days in his head (*cough* just like me) I mean it happens to the best of us."


"What's the rumor about putting Joe up for trade" asks another reporter


"Joe is one of our most important pitchers on the team. Never mind his record is what 2-15 or 12 anyways. I was thinking about talking to Arte and getting him locked in as an Angel for life."


"Well we need to turn the page on the game and focus on tonight's matchup! Also have you guys tried McDonald's new Quarter Pounders? They are fantastic and that's where I'll be heading now. Good night"

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