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Jaime Maggio interview with AngelsWin.com


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Jaime Maggio, reporter for Fox Sports West, covering the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim interviews with AngelsWin.com to tell fans about how she came to be a reporter, her experiences so far, her thoughts on the season, and what's on her bucket list. This is a great interview for fans to get to know one of the great people who work hard to provide all the Angels content.

Check out our interview with Jaime from the press box below.



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Watched the video and the 15 minutes flew by. Jaime is a very personable girl with a fantastic personality. Try to get her to visit us for Spring Fanfest! Maybe she can do player interviews at the softball tourney....

I'll definitely invite her to our softball tournament and next spring's Fanfest.

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Another great interview! I'm glad Jaime is a part of the Angels broadcast team; I always look forward to her interviews, so getting to know more about her and how hard she works is awesome. Thanks.

You're welcome. These are the types of interviews we look for nowadays.

Part three of our four part series of "Women of Angels Baseball" continues tomorrow so look for that one too. Some good stuff coming to all you AngelsWin.com peeps this summer. Don't miss it!

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Here's the article Dave wrote to go with the interview. 



By David Saltzer, AngelsWin.com Senior Writer - 
When Chuck Richter, founder and Executive Director of AngelsWin.com, asked if I was available to do an interview with Jaime Maggio, I was excited, but really did not know what to expect. Many times, I have already met people affiliated with the Angels organization ahead of time, or, there is some specific story to tell, so the main topics of the interview are already established. But with Jaime, it was different; usually she’s the one getting us, the fans, the story, not being the focus of the story.
As I prepared for the interview, I read up on her background and discovered just how much work and effort she has already put in to getting to her position with Fox Sports West. Not only had she played sports growing up, and studied journalism in college, she had to work hard in her teenage years to overcome her New York accent.
Prior to the interview, I got to see Jaime in action as she interviewed Mike Trout about his selection as a starter to the All-Star Team. She mixed in humor and knowledge to get a good interview for the fans. Afterwards, she talked with Mike Scioscia and several players in the dugout to get subtle bits of information that she would use in post-game interviews. Since she never knows whom she might be interviewing afterwards, it was clear that she wanted to get a tab on as many people as possible to give the fans the most information.
After interviewing Jaime, I was amazed at how easy-going, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth she was. Not only did she know her stuff, but she could talk about a wide range of topics. She puts in a lot of hard work every day to deliver information to the fans, typically putting in several hours in the morning at home to follow all the major events of the day and then spending another 8-10 hours at the ballpark focusing just on the Angels. She lives and breathes sports, and it shows. I have a feeling that Angels fans are just beginning to see all that Jaime can do in sports broadcasting. In a few years, we may be saying just how lucky we were to have Jaime doing interviews for our team.
Angels fans can follow Jaime on Twitter at @jaimemaggio and catch her during Angels broadcasts on Fox Sports West.
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Thanks everyone for the compliments. Jaime was a great person to interview. I truly believe that she is going to accomplish a lot in sports broadcasting and that we will all be saying "Remember when . . . " as we continue to see her throughout her career. For those who think what she, or for that matter any of the reporters, is easy, think again. It is LONG hours getting ready and studying details and nuances of the game just to give a taste of it to us, the fans.

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Jaime's damn versatile too. Last year she took over hosting "Angels Live" when Chris McGee jumped ship to the Lakers channel. The past few weeks she has done "Angels Weekly" as Alex Curry was not available for whatever reason.


What happens in September when she does Fox NFL sidelines?


Same thing that happened in June when she was covering NBA playoffs for TNT for a couple weeks. Someone else fills in - probably Kent French.

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For those who may have missed this over the weekend. Enjoy! 


Please give the video a LIKE on either YouTube or Vimeo and subscribe to our channel.


We would also love to hear your comments after watching this video interview with Jaime Maggio.



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