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How is Howie not an All Star?

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Most Angels fans don't really care all that much. Trout should have easily won the lead in outfield votes, but instead he actually trailed behind Adam f'ing Jones for a few weeks. I'm sure we all did our part here but I'm guessing most Angels fans voted for Pujols or something.

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Batting .278/.365/.514 with RISP

It's not clutch unless its in the 7th inning or later.

runs are runs

You aren't getting it.


Fangraphs AL "Clutch" leaderboard, in reverse order


Trout is the least clutch player in the AL. Kendrick is third to last.



edit: as I was posting this, Mike Trout -- the potential tying run -- hit the first pitch into an inning-ending double play in the 7th.

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Even though I recognize that the All-Star Game is a joke and no more than a popularity contest, I still end up voting once every year and I vote for the best player, not necessarily for an Angel. The only Angel I voted for was Mike Trout.

So basically it's your fault Howie didn't make the team.

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Kendrick has been very good, but I would've been surprised if he had made it.  Pedroia, Cano, and Kipnis have been great.  Two of them have done it for quite a while.  


Ben Zobrist is a questionable selection.  He hasn't played like an All Star this year.  He did in 2011 and 2012, but didn't make the All Star team in either year.  He is the only Rays player, but Evan Longoria is more deserving, and you can make somewhat of a case for James Loney.  I wouldn't go with Loney, though.  Classic example of a mediocre player having a couple good months.  Zobrist plays multiple positions... could be a big reason he is on there.  

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Yeah is there a reason why Zobrist made it over Longoria or Kendrick? I get that he can play a few positions but he hasn't been all star quality at all this year.


Every team needs to represent 1 player. Zobrist was selected as the only Rays player to make it. Matt Moore should have made it over anyone else on the Rays. Verlander over Moore??? But yeah, Longoria could have been selected over Zobrist if it had to be a Ray.

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