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MLB Fan Cave Update: The June Report

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By Danny Farris, AngelsWin.com Contributor -


What's up Halo fans! June has come to a close with a good run by the Angels to finish a rocky month. Many people were speculating that the June 20 roller coaster ride of a win against the Mariners would be the turning point of the year. While they went on to lose the next three, they've rattled off 7 straight wins against good teams, which is where we're at today. Hard to say whether we can continue to win, but if we continue playing at a high level into the All Star Break, who knows where they will end up. Just be sure to buckle your seatbelt, because either way it's going to be a wild ride.


The month of June in the Fan Cave has been awesome. My last blog was written the day after Cano came into the Cave and we've had a bunch of awesome and fun players come in since then. Evan Gattis came in shortly after and he's one of our favorite guests to come by. We also had an event for the top draft prospects on the day of the draft and it was cool to meet these kids who could someday be starts. Travis Snider came by for a food tasting event (which I won by the way, not a big deal).


And while everything was awesome the past month, two visits stick out to me: the first one is a tough one to swallow because Dodgers - it was when Yasiel Puig came by. We didn't know for sure whether or not if he was coming the night before, but to just be on call basically. We woke up to an email from one of the PR guys asking for us to be at the Cave in like a half an hour because Puig might be coming in very soon. Marcus (White Sox fan and my roommate) scrambled around and got to the Cave where we met with the rest of the Dwellers and the understandably excited Aaron (the Dodgers fan). Sure enough, he walks through the door with a local barber who has come by before. After getting a tour, he gets his hair cut and hangs out for a bit. He was actually a really shy guy when he first came in and it took a little while for him to open up. His hands were as big as bear claws. When it came time for him to get out of here, word had gotten around on Twitter and there was a LARGE number of Dodger fans at the door waiting to get an autograph from Puig. We had to form a human shield for him to get to his car. It was ridiculous. Puig Mania. What was really cool though, is that he took the time to take pictures and sign autographs for the kids that had shown up to see him. Good guy Puig. If you have a minute, check out thevideo of his visit here.


The second visit that really stuck out this past month was when Angels fan Sarah Colonna came by! She's awesome. If you don't know, Sarah is a writer for Chelsea Lately and a huge Angels fan. She had a few days off form the show, came out to NYC to visit a friend and checked out the Fan Cave while she was here. Ricardo Marquez (who works in MLB PR now) came by to hang out too. It was the only time where Angels fans outnumbered any other fan in the Cave. Glorious moment. Sarah was really sweet, enjoyed her time here and is going to come back for when the Angels are out in New York in August. If you don't follow her on Twitter, follow her @sarahcolonna.


I wanted to get a blog out before the All-Star game because we will be attending the Derby, the game, and whatever else they have planned for us. I will be doing my best to represent the Angels and Angels fans everywhere! I'll be sure to update everybody after the game but until then, GO ANGELS!

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Dear lord.

No.. That's last year's Angels representative in the fan cave Ricky Marquez. Cool dude! that's also Sarah Colonna who will be playing in our AngelsWin Softball game on August 17th at Pioneer Park in Anaheim.

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Thanks for the inside report from the Fan Cave. Sooooo jealous!! It's crazy that at anytime at MLB player could be walking in. He may be a Dodger, but it would be awesome to meet Puig, especially during Puigmania. Whether you like him or not, it's a part of baseball history.


So was Sarah kicked out of the Fan Cave for standing up in that pic?

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