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Los Angeles Angels Director of Scouting Ric Wilson Talks Post-2013 Draft with AngelsWin.com

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Chat moderated by Scott Stedman, AngelsWin.comContributor

Prior to the 2013 draft, Ric Wilson, the Los Angeles Angelsof Anaheim’s Director of Scouting told AngelsWin.com that “The strength of the draft seems to be the depth inpitching.” About international scouting and signings, Ric Wilson told us thatthe Angels “have developed a strong international staff and I do believe theywill make a splash more sooner than later. I know they are out there beatingthe the bushes. They have a good foundation and solid leadership”.

Now that the 2013 draft is over, with all but one of theplayers signed, and, with the international signing period underway,AngelsWin.com once again caught up with the Angels Director of Scouting to findout more about the current crop of players.

In a great interview, Ric Wilson discusses the specifics ofmany of the current players as well as the organization’s top prospects. Besure to read to the end of the interview where we conducted our traditionallightning round with Ric Wilson to get his take on the best tools taken withthe 2013 draft.

AngelsWin: Good morningeveryone! If you have questions, please send them to me in a private message.

AngelsWin: Good morningRic Wilson. Thank you for joining us today. Congratulations on a good draft!

Ric Wilson: Goodmorning. We are excited to get the quality players that we acquired. Looks goodso far the guys are out and beginning there careers.

AngelsWin: Wasthe drafting of so many pitchers a design to address organizational needs orwas it simply a byproduct of taking the best player available?

Ric Wilson: Alittle bit of both we felt we had the need to add starting pitching so weattacked the draft in that way, but they were the best pitchers we thought wereavailable.

AngelsWin: Let'stalk a little bit about Hunter Green. What stood out to you guys about him andwere you surprised he fell so far?

Ric Wilson:Hunter is a young guy 17 yrs old with a premium arm and a very good athlete, welike his now stuff along with the projectability. He has a very high ceilingand we’re a little surprised that he got to us but not shocked.

AngelsWin: WhichMLB pitcher would Hunter Green be seen as an eventual comp to and do you have atimeline for him?

Ric Wilson: Agood comparison may be Pat Corbin when we had him. Similar stuff and veryathletic as well. No real timeline we will let him go at his own pace

AngelsWin: Great.Generally, how important is a player's personality or "grit" when youare scouting for the draft?

Ric Wilson: Itall comes into play, and that is the one thing we try to keep consistent guysthat go out with a positive attitude and good work ethic, this allows them abetter chance to reach there full potential. It takes a lot more than pureability to sustain a major league role. We feel we have done a good job in thisarea, and hope to continue. It becomes a separator with players with the sameability.

AngelsWin:Earlier today, it was announced by the Angels that Venezuelan prospectleft-hander Ricardo Sanchez has signed with the club.  What can you tellus about him, and is there more to come in the international market?

Ric Wilson: Idon't know a lot about him he's on the International side, I do know we arevery excited to sign him. Will be a nice addition to add to some of the youngguys we have. Similar to Green loose and projectable with a high ceiling.

AngelsWin:Alright, let's focus on some individual players now if you don't mind.  Aplayer that has caught my eye with the Orem Owlz is 19-year-old shortstop JoseRondon.  What do you see in the future for Rondon and what is hispotential?

Ric Wilson: Weare starting to build some depth quality fielder with the bat coming on shouldbe able to stay there. Steady on both sides of the ball.

halosfan81: What's thelatest on Blake Goins? Will he sign?

Ric Wilson: Stillworking through it. Advanced HS pitcher. We sure hope he does, would be a verygood addition to add to the system

AngelsWin: Manyof the pitchers drafted this year are considered to have potential as bothstarters and relievers. Is it the organization's intention to try to give eachpitcher a chance as a starter?

Ric Wilson: Wefelt that going into the draft we were short on starting pitchers, purestarters are hard to find so we did try to get players that could possibly doboth. So I do believe that most will get the opportunity to start at somepoint.

AngelsWin: Whenthe Angels make a stellar pick like Mike Trout, or, when they have a playercompletely flame out, does the organization go back to reexamine what signswere present to make that player stand out or what warning signs were giventhat might have indicated a flameout?

Ric Wilson: Yeswe do, we evaluate each draft for years out and we do look at how and whyplayers have success or fail. It's an ongoing process but if we can't look backon history or fail to see what it is telling us, we can't get better as a staffor organization

IowaAngels27: RicWilson, a little off topic from other questions, but what types of internshipsdo the Angels offer in baseball operations? Thanks!

Ric Wilson: Youwould have to reach out to the office that handles all the internships.

AngelsWin:Fire-baller Austin Wood has been on the DL with arm troubles for a couplemonths now.  How is he coming along?

Ric Wilson: Ijust saw Austin throw a bullpen in AZ and he looked very good. Still workingthrough some things, but he said he is feeling a lot better. Very positivelooking for the best.

AngelsWin: Is theorganization still as high on Kaleb Cowart as they were before the season,considering his sub-par first half?

Ric Wilson: Yeswe are, he is starting to make some key adjustments and looking forward to abig second 1/2 he is still young an learning.

Scioscialist Party: Was thefocus on college players in the draft a move to focus on bolstering depththroughout the system?

Ric Wilson: Tosome degree as I said before we are working under different rules and you haveto be in the right spots for quality young players. We felt we are starting toget some balance with the JC pitchers as well.

AngelsWin: Whatare Taylor Lindsey and Randal Grichuk's timetable to the big leagues? They were our top 2 prospects in our Top 50 Mid-Season Prospect List.

Ric Wilson: Bothhave made great strides, and some very good adjustments, both are quality youngplayers, not sure of the timeline a lot of things come into play, but I do feelthey will be ready in a year or so.

AngelsWin: Okay, RicWilson.  This is our last question and then we will go to a lightninground to wrap things up. With the parent club's need for relievers this year,what have you seen in Mike Morin and R.J. Alvarez?

Ric Wilson: 2different guys RJ pure power type stuff that attacks the hitters, and Mike morepitchability with life and a devastating change up, 2 different approaches thatcan be equally effective.

AngelsWin: Okay.Lightning round. Just respond with the name that fits the mold. Best Tools ofthe 2013 Angels Drafted Class.

AngelsWin: BestOverall Hitter?

Ric Wilson: RileyGood / Brandon Bayardi

AngelsWin: BestPower?

Ric Wilson:Bayardi

AngelsWin: BestPlate Discipline?

Ric Wilson:Hinshaw

AngelsWin: BestSpeed?

Ric Wilson: RileyGood

AngelsWin: BestDefense?

Ric Wilson: AlexAllbritton

AngelsWin: BestThrowing Arm?

Ric Wilson: CalTowey

AngelsWin: MostAthletic/Raw Tools?

Ric Wilson: MikeHermosillo

AngelsWin:Closest hitter to the Big Leagues?

Ric Wilson: KyleMcGowin

Ric Wilson: Sorryyou said hitter, Riley Good

AngelsWin: Noproblem. Alright now to the pitching side:  Best Fastball?

Ric Wilson:Elliot Morris / Kyle McGowin / Harrison Cooney

AngelsWin: BestCurveball?

Ric Wilson:Trevor Foss

AngelsWin: BestSlider?

Ric Wilson: DanTobik

AngelsWin: BestChangeup?

Ric Wilson: MattHernandez

AngelsWin: BestCommand?

Ric Wilson: KyleMcGowin

AngelsWin:Closest pitcher to the Big Leagues?

Ric Wilson: KyleMcGowin

AngelsWin: Andfinally: Steal of the draft (either pitching or offense)?

Ric Wilson:Hunter Green!!!

AngelsWin:Alright, that should do it.  On behalf of AngelsWin.com, Ric Wilson, Thankyou so much for joining us and hopefully we can catch up again sometime in thenot so distant future!

ettin: Thank you RicWilson for sharing your time

Dave Saltzer: Thankyou very much for your time and knowledge today Ric Wilson!

Ric Wilson: Thankseveryone for joining us! Go Halos! Yes sir had a good time always good tocommunicate with the best fans in baseball. Take care Talk to ya soon.

AngelsWin: Thankseveryone for joining us! Go Halos! Thanks everyone for joining us! Go Halos!

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