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MLB finally sh*tcans an ump

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Well, rules are rules. Runge happened to be one of the better umpires.


Yeah, I was going to say, everything I've searched for doesn't show he's a bad ump.  West must not have liked him making all the other umps look bad.  Or worse, or incompetent.

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I would like to see a system for umpires similar to the relegation system used in the English Premier League. Umpires would be rated on a scale, and the lowest rated X number of umpires (whatever was agreed upon) would be sent to AAA for the next season with the same number of AAA umps being promoted. This system could be used throughout all the levels of baseball. The problem now is that becoming an MLB umpire is like a Supreme Court appointment: A job for life no matter how badly the guy sucks at it. Joe West should have been kicked to the curb years ago.

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