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From the LA Times - If Angels' Mike Trout is disappointed, he'll probably get over it

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AL rookie of the year Mike Trout's contract was renewed by Angels for $510,000, and his agent cried foul. But history suggests any bitterness will soon dissipate.

TEMPE, Ariz. — History shows that whatever resentment Mike Trout and his agent feel toward the Angels after the team unilaterally renewed the star outfielder's contract for $510,000 on Saturday will dissipate in time.7uBednJ-xO4

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There are only 2 people bitter about this.  And if I were Trout, I would question my agent for looking so short term with the media, and not long term.  Really, who's fault is this?  The Angels, or the Agents for not doing his job? 

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This is not a non-story. Many people are talking about it. It likely won't be a big deal, but it is interesting because many top rookies get bigger raises despite how the system works.  The Angels are very competitive, spending wise, in terms of free agents, and everything else, but they are probably one of the stingier teams when it comes to players under club control. 

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Good news for Trout ... he got a bigger raise than Chris Coghlan


Player 1st year 2nd year Percentage change


Mike Trout $490,000 $510,000 4%

Bryce Harper N/A N/A (Guaranteed contract)

Craig Kimbrel $419,000 $590,000 41%

Jeremy Hellickson $418,400 $489,500 17%

Buster Posey $400,000 $575,000 44%

Neftali Feliz $402,000 $457,160 14%

Chris Coghlan $475,000 $490,000 3%

Andrew Bailey $400,000 $435,000 9%

Geovany Soto $401,000 $575,000 43%

Evan Longoria N/A N/A (Guaranteed contract)

Ryan Braun $380,000 $455,000 20%

Dustin Pedroia $380,000 $457,000 20%

Hanley Ramirez $327,000 $380,000 16%

Justin Verlander N/A N/A (Guaranteed contract)

Ryan Howard $355,000 $900,000 153%

Huston Street $316,000 $339,625 7%

Jason Bay $305,000 $355,000 16%

Bobby Crosby $300,000 $350,000 17%

Dontrelle Willis $234,426 $353,500 51%

Angel Berroa $302,000 $372,500 23%

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