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Stop Puig, Vote Trout!

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Rename the category "breakthrough athlete of the month" and I'll vote for puig. I don't have a problem with the all star discussion, but nominating him for an espy, a very big deal that is very serious, after a month is ridiculous

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I could see Puig winning because a lot of people just care about the NOW and he's the "shiny new toy" in baseball this year. Last year at this time it was Trout that was getting all the praise. This year, Trout's just doing the same thing he did last year but it's sort of like "ho hum". Trout or Wilson should win, but I could see Puig taking it just for the fact that he's the new guy

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Trout, followed by Wilson and Kaepernick (two QBs who are revolutionizing that position because they can both run like the wind and pass well in the NFL).   Vince Young and Michael Vick wish they could throw passes even half as well. 


If not for Trout, the two QBs would be 1-A and 1-B.

Trout is potentially (knock on wood) on his way to being a once in a generation type of player.

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It just pisses me off that the only way Trout got attention, was when he got to #1 in batting average, and started robbing homers.

Puig has a decent month, and he's compared to Trout.



Trout has been compared to Mickey

Puig has been compared to Dimaggio



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I mean that as in the media wants another Trout. They'd love if every year a rookie comes in and is a instant all-star. Hell, I don't blame them, really. Guys like Puig, and Trout for that matter are fun to watch. It just feels like Trout had to do a lot more to get the recognition he deserved.

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Chris Shelton errrr Yasiel Puig has had a nice first month of big league ball.

He's no Mike Trout. If he can do this over the course of nearly a full season like Trout did last year, than I'll give him props. Until then, he's just a guy that's on a hot streak.

It's awesome to see Puig on the list, but Trout should win, hands down. A football player will win instead, because M'erca!

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Puig is on the ASG ballot??

How is that? He has a month in the bigs.

I think the fans get a vote for the last player selected, and if Puig wins that, then so be it.


And Chuck...the guy isn't a flash in the pan.  He is a stud, and like Darvish, a player the Angels could have gone after if they had a clue...on scouting young players on the international market. 

Puig just might lead the Dodgers to the playoffs, something that Trout, even with his historic rookie season was unable to do.


Arte has been outspent (LAD) and out-smarted (TEX) by his two most hated rivals.

I hope it is stinging him in the pocket, half as much as it is chapping Angel Fans asses.

Dipoto was a good start, as was getting rid of Bane... but he needs to turn the rest of the old guard out to pasture...

and he needs to quit going out and "courting" players, trying to bring in players that fit his "Christian Family" vision.

What he has tried to do isn't working.

Arte needs to back way off, get completely out of the picture, and let someone else run this team. 

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