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LA Times: Angels GM Jerry Dipoto focuses on present, but a reckoning looms

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Jered Weaver is struggling, Jason Vargas is out and team has lagged. But Jerry Dipoto is nowhere near a determination to pull plug on season.

DETROIT — At some point before the July 31 trade deadline, the Angels will have to assess their record and division deficit and determine whether to add a piece for a playoff push, stand pat or pull the plug on the season and look for trades to build for the future.23iHZB5nPAg

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I just can't imagine the Halos being buyers.  They are 3 games from the halfway point of the season and 8 games below .500.  7.5 out for the second wild card.  I think 88 wins will get  the second card this year.  They have 15 games left before the asb.  To get to .500 by that time, they have to go 12-3 and they will be one game over.  at 47-46, they will need to go 41-28 to get to 88 wins. 

53-31 from now.  A 102 pace. 




I really hope they don't think this is possible.

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Dochalo, I think the point is that the decision doesn't need to be made now, on June 27, but sometime in the next few weeks. I think the ASB is one benchmark, but I wouldn't make it artificial and say "if we're not .500 by the ASB then we sell." That would be like saying "if we go 12-3, buy, if 11-4 sell." Its more a matter of what the trajectory is.


That said, I'd be looking at a rough benchmark of needing to win two-thirds of the games leading up to the ASB, which would be 10-5 or 45-48 total. That puts them within range. 9-6 puts them at 44-49, which is still worth seeing how they start after the break, but 8-7, or 43-50, seems like not quite enough.

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Do I think we should be sellers? Yes. But I also agree it is too early to determine that. I truly don't think much will change other than the fact that we could get to .500 before the end of the season. But strange things happen in baseball and we could run off a couple decent 7 or 8 game win streaks. If that did happen between now and July 31st I could see where we could stand pat, or get an arm like Garza.

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whats DP going to say? here are my cards- go ahead and take my money? should be obvious to the most casual observer we are sellers.

Pretty much what he has to say (at least publically) at this point...and although noboby would expect it, if we win 10 out of the next 12, the landscape could still change....probably not going to be "all in" buyers if that happens but, to the limited extent that we might be sellers, you can change that plan....

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