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Nightengale provides update on Angels Sale ($3B?, Brisk Negotiations, Done in the Next Few Months?)


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22 minutes ago, CanadianHalo said:

The guy was asked a question. He answered. And sadly, he isn’t wrong


Have you actually read the article?  Here's the opening line...

The altitude can be dizzying when you build your home at the height of expectations.

Gerrit Cole spent 28 years working to own one of the most prestigious pieces of real estate in baseball: The ace of the New York Yankees. Here at the summit, though, loneliness pervades the luxury everyone else can see.

LOL..  From here we go right into the self promotion

“I think it’s the hardest job in the league,” Cole says. “I don’t think there’s a harder place to be the ace. I think it’s the most hunted job in the league and I think it comes with the most weight. The division is a fucking (gauntlet). Above all else, I’m paid to keep us in the game as long as I can and take the ball every single fucking time that I can and charge straight into the fire.”

Now that they have established his greatness -- lets go back to fluffing up being a Yankee...

The home that greatness builds is one in isolation. Those who aspire to legacy spend their entire lives obsessed with the sensation of separating themselves from the pack. But when your position is unique, so is the experience. The demands are different. The interpretation of your performance is different.

Now, more flattery

“Once you sign a big contract like he did, higher expectations come with the territory,” general manager Brian Cashman said. “His body of work is obviously excellent, but at the end of the day, we are all in it to win the whole thing.”

This is the responsibility Cole chose. In December 2019, he signed a nine-year, $324 million free agent contract with the Yankees — the biggest overall deal ever given to a starting pitcher. In doing so, he announced to the world that he would accept the burden of high expectations in exchange for the privileges of money, status, and one of the most exciting jobs in the world.

Bro is a fucking superhero..  The way he took on the responsibility..  WHAT A MAN!!!   

He wasn't asked any questions...   He offered that up that bit for self serving reasons to curry favor with his fanbase -- good for him, that's his team, those are his fans.

The only thing as dumb as getting mad over this is thinking there is anything to this other than it being a fluff piece.

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19 minutes ago, Inside Pitch said:

Have you actually read the article?  Here's the opening line...

I think we all know the answer to this question.


19 minutes ago, Inside Pitch said:

Gerrit Cole spent 28 years working to own one of the most prestigious pieces of real estate in baseball: The ace of the New York Yankees.


He would have been our #3 


EDIT: I know you didn't say the 2nd quote, IP

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36 minutes ago, Trendon said:

Cole was never gonna sign with the Angels because they offered him less money than the Yankees and Dodgers did.

Money is THE reason why Cole signed with the Yankees and didn’t sign with the Angels, but of course he’s not gonna say that.

Yep. There's no doubt if Arte matched the Yankees years and money, he would have signed here. 

Sour F'n grapes. What a turd. 

I hope the Guardians embarrass his ass in the ALDS. 

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8 minutes ago, Jeff Fletcher said:

I don't believe this is true. 

I think the Angels would have had to exceed the Yankees, and how likely was that?

I guess we'll never know because Arte wisely never went to 9 years for Cole. I just feel if we offered the same years/money he'd sign here. 

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