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POLL: Perry Minasian Trade Deadline Grade

Give GM Perry Minasian a grade on his Trade Deadline Deals  

114 members have voted

  1. 1. Give GM Perry Minasian a grade on his Trade Deadline Deals

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    • B
    • C
    • D
    • F
    • Too early to tell

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C. I wish he could have found takers on Loup and/or Tepera, but that was a tall order.

I don't feel great about the Marsh trade. Not horrible, but it feels a bit...sickening, like we lost one of our own. And Marsh's upside > O'Hoppe's upside, even if O'Hoppe looks pretty solid.

Raisel was a salary dump. Davidson could be a decent #5 starter, but that's about it. Chavez pitches innings this year - not even sure he was in the trade as he was more useful to the Braves than Angels.

Syndergaard was also a dump. I kind of like this trade best, because I like lottery picks - and both Moniak and Sanchez have some potential, even if it is unlikely they amount to much.

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18 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

The Marsh trade is fine.  Really not impressed with what they got back for Snydergaard but whatever.  I *hate* the Iglesias trade.  Dog shit.  D

We were supposed to be a TOP TEAM this YEAR and it Showed before the Losing Streak! Trades are hurriedly done and have no semblance of rational thought... All last minute What will you give me DEALS!

F -

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Still trying to finalize my grade.

Only disappointment so far was Arte not paying at least half of  Syndergaard’s remaining salary to try for a little better return.

Otherwise, so far can’t complain.

Got a solid catching prospect who’s near MLB ready, a LHP (Davidson) who could be a decent enough reliever or 5th starter, and a guy in Moniak who might just need a change of scenery back to his home state?

And as of now freed up some $95 million under 2023’s tax threshold.

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I don’t know.  To me this is a pretty bad signal about what they’ll do going forward.  It was already a bit silly to hope that Arte was finally going to operate differently.  But just dumping Iglesias, such an obvious opportunity to stock prospects.  Seems like it’s not likely that he’s going to do anything different.  Like lol at the idea that you’re doing that to sign Ohtani.  You’re only getting Ohtani if you’re willing got spend a lot more.  I guess we’ll see but bad vibes. 

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Ya work with watch ya got. Perry contributed to the churn.

The Brewers sent Hader away to San Diego Bay and replaced him with Iglesias. Poor Milwaukee!!!!

Oops.  Nevermind. Late in life dyslexia. Resuming original thought:

Don't recognize any of Perry's bag of bargains. Probably won't matter.

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I'm glad he was active and am fine with each trades respective return in that I can at least understand the idea of each.  That said, I just wish I understood the plan, or "vision," of this organization.  We can joke there isn't one, but that just can't be the case.  These guys (not just Perry, but those working with him) obviously spend hours mapping out a vision.  I just wish I could see it and trust that it comes to fruition.  I don't.

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15 minutes ago, mmc said:



14 minutes ago, mmc said:


Can never really trust what these folks say publicly, but if we were then this would indicate that they also won't be trading Ohtani in the offseason either

I don't know how it all shakes out but the worst possible scenario for this franchise would be letting Ohtani walk without getting anything in return. You just can't let that happen

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