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Time to trade Trumbo?

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According to Jed Rigney it is. This is exactly the type of perspective my head agrees with but my heart doesn't. Like not re-upping Torii Hunter for two years, or signing...uh, a 32-year old Albert Pujols for ten years or an erratic Josh Hamilton for five years.


I agree with his basic point, though:


"...Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols and Erik Aybar need to actually start hitting -- in which case Trumbo's offense is superfluous. But if the multimillionaires don't come through, then Trumbo's contribution is pointless, because no one cares whether you win 80 games instead of 75. Either way, they don't need Mark Trumbo."


The thing is, though, Trumbo is one of the stalwarts on the team and, presumably, the clubhouse. Just as Torii Hunter's value went beyond his statistics, so does it seem to be the case with Trumbo.


Overall, though, I think Dipoto should float his name out there and see if anyone dangles a #2 pitcher or some top pitching prospects. A couple possibilities:


SP Andrew Cashner and juicing but talented C Yasmani Grandal from the Padres

SP Cliff Lee from the Phillies

SP Felix Hernandez from Mariners - along with a few prospects and Garret Richards

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While I like Trumbo and believe his bat is legit, I don't think you can dismiss any scenario off-hand.  I wouldn't dangle him but if there is a team desperate for a bat that is willing to offer a king's ransom--i.e. one that goes a long way in restocking the farm--I think you have to take a look at it.

Off the top of my head, teams desperate for a right handed power hitter who are competing this year:


Pirates, Royals ( a stupid gm from whom we could get a king's ransom for Trumbo), Giants, Reds

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Trading Trumbo for Cliff Lee is the example of going from 75 to 80 wins while adding another $20+ million to the payrol. Just plain dumb.

I thought the whole idea was cram your lineup with plenty of cheap club control studs and yet here is another move backwards step promoted by guys with a fantasy league team.

We are stuck with Pujols and Hamilton and whatever the provide for offense but stripping away another big part of a faltering offense for a pitcher to lose 3-1 just makes little sense. In fact it makes no sense other than making moves to say you are working on a problem by drilling holes in the bottom of the ship so it sinks evenly from all sides.

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Some things to consider. He'll be arbitration eligible the next three year and although he'll be cheaper than typical free agents with his production he will still be making decent coin and will also be 30 in that last year of club control. So if they plan to build around him, I suggest they extend him now. Buying out the arbitration years and maybe 2-3 years of free agency. I wouldn't want him beyond that.

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Guys like Trout, Trumbo, Bourjous, etc are who the team should be keeping and trying to build around.  If you want to move anyone and try to get anything of value start with Kendrick and Aybar.  If you can get rid of salary by moving bigger contracts by all means do it.  This team needs the big guys to produce and if that doesn't happen you don't trade the cheap guys producing hoping you get prospects who can contribute in the next 1-3 years.  Also any trades should not be bringing on more salary this team needs to stop piling it on. 

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if Kole Calhoun was producing and CJ Cron, Randal Girchuck, were raking in AAA, ready for a shot at the majors, I'd consider it based on the return you could get, but with Pujols's foot issues, and none of these guys really ready for a full-time gig save maybe Calhoun, I don't think it's a good idea.


This guy also wants to trade CJ Wilson and Peter Bourjos, which are both horrible ideas. They don't have enough starters now, so why would they trade a guy they have locked up for three more years, and why trade Bourjos who if he had been healthy would be in All-Star consideration?


Um No. He's looking it all from a surplus angle not from what they actually need to do. 

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Every player is available in the right deal. Even Trout. If the nationals offered Strasburg, Harper and Rendon you say yes.

That said, no to Cashner (health), no to Cliff Lee (???), etc. I would want at least top one prospect/talented player with less than 1 year of service time. Think Profar +.

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