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Josh Hamilton or Jeff DaVanon?

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Okay, maybe just a joke to spark some smiles since, besides last night's game, this season has been quite dismal... who would you rather have out there, the $125 MM Josh Hamilton, or our favorite Angel of all time, the Angel that did so well that it just went unnoticed, Jeffrey Graham DaVanon?

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As bad as the Josh Hamilton signing has turned out to this point and as much as I publicly have called him out, I am not ready to throw in the towel on this guy. Obviously something is wrong but how can we as Angels not ignore the fact that there is a long list of players that have come to Anaheim with less than great results: Brandon Wood, Vernon Wells, Dallas McPherson, Josh Hamilton, I still include Albert Pujols, Mo Vaughn just to name a few players that did not live up to promise or came in and are just a shadow of themselves.

How can we explain it? Evaluation process or is there something internally that isn't working? And we can talk about the pitching next!

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Mathis is hitting .104.




His SLG is barely over the Mendoza line.


Mathis so far has 58 plate apperances this year. 



Guess who owns this stat line:


.121/ .253 / .138  in 75 plate appearances


(that's not a typo that's a SLG of .138)

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I don't remember Quinlan and Davannon being as bad as people make them out to be here. Solid bench players if you ask me.

They were both very solid role players that could come off the bench and play at an average level. There is a huge value in guys that are low payroll average players to back up your star or everyday higher quality squad.


Unfortunately Hamilton cannot even play to bench scrub level right now. If we needed just a defensive right fielder we could put one of a couple guys from the minors into that role and it would be a straight tradeoff. But Hamilton is supposed to deliver a well above average offensive value and right now he is where you would release most bench players.


Yeah, I wouldn't mind a Jeff DaVanon type player replacing Hamilton's suckage. There is $123 million dollars worth of reasons why he isn't a DFA candidate but no real reason to play him.

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