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Mark Trumbo

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Trumbo is easily one of my favorite players. Talk about a guy who has matured. 


I didn't expect much out of this guy to be honest. Bad walk and strikeout rates throughout the minors and finally got his chance at 25. I thought he might be platoon player but he's far exceeded that. He's a well above average hitter. 

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31 walks through 74 games this season. He had 36 through 144 last year

that's the best part, IMO. It was his biggest weakness, and he made huge strides to improve. His walk rates have gone up 3 years, and his K rates have declined for 3.

If he cann maintain the OBP with his power, he's gonna see a few more all star games. I just hope the hamilton/pujols money doesn't get in the way of signing him long term.

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This is what I've noticed most about him.  Yes he K's a bit still.  But for a power guy, it's expected.  But compared to last year, those outside pitches he lays off of this year and sometimes for strike 3 looking, he was flailing at last year.  HIS strike zone has gotten much smaller.  And it has made him a much much more dangerous hitter. 

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His numbers have improved every year so far and that shows that he's still learning and getting better.

But he really needs to improve upon his situational hitting.

That failure to bring in the run with one out and man on third and first almost cost the team a game.

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it looked like he hit that hr off the end of the bat. the guy has crazy power (see dave kingman, frank howard, reggie jackson in his prime power).

as a straight hr hitter this kid is as good as i've seen in too many years of watching and playing baseball.

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He's playing well but I wish he wouldn't stare at his bat for 10 seconds before each pitch


He is not staring, he is talking to it. Trumbo and his bat have the mental telepathy thing going.


(reposting from a different thread today)

By the way I am actually in the small camp that one of the primary reason's for Trumbo's continued development and success is Pujols. Trumbo is now attending Harvard for MLB right handed power hitters. He already has the tools to be great and I think having Pujols around him 24/7 is helping him to develop those tools to the point that this guy is definitely a potential American league MVP someday. Trumbo has increased his ability to lay off the crap pitches that often got him out on 2 strike counts last year. Also, in many cases he has learned to take some of those crap pitches and use his strength and the opposite field to his advantage. If he can continue to develop that, pitchers will have no clue how to pitch him.

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