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What have you watched recently? (Please use the hide function for spoilers or plot lines)

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Netflix:  Bordertown  A Finnish detective show.  Dubbed in English.  This one is one of those major crimes division of detectives, where the main detective used to be in the big city, but he moved to a smaller city that borders the Rooskies.  Add to the mix, they add a Rooskie to their ranks that still plays by rooskie rules.  The main detective of course is flawed, in that he has a condition, most likely Autism or Aspergers or something like that.  So his character is really odd.  Overall, it was a pretty good 3 seasons.  They break it up so that one case is two episodes.  And they keep you guessing, but eventually it shows that there were these miniscule clues to who did it throughout the show that he does a flashback to expose.  Then on top of that, there is this other story in the background that comes into play towards the end of season 3.  A pretty good show that was worth watching.

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Netflix:  Son of Sam:  A Descent into Darkness  So this is another of Netflix's true crime series, but with a different twist.  Instead of focusing on the Son of Sam Murderer, this one focus's on a reporter covering the Son of Sam Murders.  And his theory is that the Son of Sam murders weren't solely committed by David Berkowitz, but by a group of people.  Initially, it looks like he may be on to something.  Then he goes down the rabbit hole, and his theory goes further and further to batshit crazy.  It's really a fascinating story, because you can see him descending from journalist, to Maury Povich, to Jerry Springer, and pretty much ending up at Wally George.  And what really struck me was he really could have been on to something if he stuck with the relevant facts.  Worth the watch if you are a fan of Netflix's crime stories.

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HBO Max:  Tenet  This was a strange one.  I thought it started out slow.  The idea of the movie was good, I just don't think it translated well onto the screen.  Towards the end is where the action really starts up and things kind of start making sense.  It's a good movie, but nothing like Inception which it was trying to be.  I think it had great lofty goals, but that it was too lofty.  Worth the watch though.

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3 hours ago, Redondo said:

Valhalla Murders on Netflix

1 season 

Icelandic show. Not the best, but worth watching

  Hide contents

The plot is very similar to other shows which took a lot away from it 


I love a good Nordic noir. This one was ok. There are definitely better ones out there. 

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Through 8 episodes of Brotherhood.  Pretty good show.  Good, complex characters.

Finished S2 of Justified and a couple episodes in on S3.  Still enjoying it.

I've dropped A Million Little Things for now. Just grew tiresome, IMO.  @Tank are you still watching this?

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