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Alex Torres = ouch

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Someone has to be.

Doesn't mean I can't be happy for him, because he is a potentially really solid pitcher.

Just wish more of these trades/acquisitions wouldn't be backfiring so much over the past 3-4 years.


Plus, and this is a critical one, how many other orgs trade away so many highly ranked in the org lefty pitching prospects over a 3 year period?

Corbin, Skaggs, Torres, Will Smith, etc.

Aren't lefty pitchers just about the most highly coveted players in MLB? 


Fortunately, they landed Vargas although it took trading Morales (although a pretty solid trade now in hindsight).


Anyway, if Hunter Green and Jonah Wesely do pan out 5 years down the road, that helps some to make up for trading away Corbin, Torres, and Skaggs.

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AO - I know you remember what the state of the team was when made this trade.  We had one of Matt Palmer, Trevor Bell, Shane Loux, and Sean O'Sullivan in the rotation. 


Kazmir was actually solid for us over the last couple of months.  We would have made the playoffs anyway, but the move was smart.

He wasn't good in the playoffs, and that was the beginning of the end for him. 


The player failed, not the move. 

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I'd hardly quantify one pitcher for 2.5 months so far, and Haren for 1.5 seasons, as an overall success acquisitions wise in any way, not when so many others have blown up in our faces over the past 4 years. 


But I will say that if not for Vargas, this off season would be graded a big fat FFFFFFFFF!

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I'm well aware of Torres and what he was projected to be when he was in our organization. He's always been a great fastball and filthy slider guy. I'm not one to say what could have been, but I'll do it this once and be done; Stud left-handed starting pitchers who throw 93+ are rare and this team could have had Skaggs, Corbin, and Torres. Nasty.


I just hope that we take up the philosophy of selling our veteran free-agent-to-be's for prospects instead of selling our prospects for veterans, even if we're trying to win now. Obviously we're not the Rays and A's of the world where we have cheap owners, but it would be wise to sell high instead of buy high all the tim.

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I agree with Dochalo here.  If Kazmir was what he was supposed to be (staff ace or quality #2 SP under control for 2.5 more years at 12mil bargain), paying the price of Sean Rodriguez and Alex Torres would've been an absolute steal for this team.  But the player failed, not the deal.  


If anything, I'd have to question the Angels scouting at the time of the move.  I firmly believe it was some of the worst in baseball.  They not only failed to properly evaluate Kazmir when other teams knew what they had, they failed to properly evaluate their own personnel.  


But still, I don't blame Reagins for swinging that deal based on the information he was provided with. 

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If we didn't make the trade, then at the time the same posters would be bitching about not making moves.  It's a no win situation, and probably the reason why players and management probably give 2 rats ass what is posted on a message board.  



"Bill Stoneman wouldnt have made that trade"  Followed a month later by..  "BIll Stoneman sucked..  He never made trades"

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How about you guys check out Torres' minor league numbers before raving about his 16 innings in the bigs this year. He has like a career 4 bb/9. He has great stuff, but the command is a fluke


How about you consider how the change of usage has made for a difference in his performance?  


Angels once had this smallish RHP from Venezuela.   Strong FB, dirty slider, but poor command made him a middling SP.   Then some smart guy made him a reliever..   BOOM.


Alex Torres is K-Rod 2.0.    Not saying he will enjoy the same success K-Rod did, but he's clearly following the same career path.

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