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Can Howie Win A Batting Title This Year?

Can Howie Win A Batting Title This Year?  

57 members have voted

  1. 1. Can Howie Win A Batting Title This Year?

    • Yes
    • No
    • One Day
    • Never

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I would be happy if all of us Angels fans would take 5 minutes of their time to vote to send him to the All Star Game. He deserves it but it won't happen.

At this point he has almost no chance of getting voted in but a very good chance he will be picked as a reserve.

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Howie has been consistently inconsistent so I say no and never will win one. He gets hot then real cold.  This year though he has avoided a huge slump but I think one is coming. Not being negative but a batters history usually tell you what's going to happen in the future and Howie has never even been close to a .330 hitter for a season so I don't expect him to finish this year even close to that. Ill take .300

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I just voted 25 times for HK. I have always been a fan and it's noce to see him achieving his prophesied potential. That being said I think it is more reason to trade him. He could really haul us in some much needed minor league talent. 

Major League teams don't need minor league talent. They need Major League talent.

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Did you see Howie fight off bunch of sliders and not chase the ones in the dirt.

That slider is Howie's kryptonite and it seems like he is finally able to deal with it.

I noticed that.  He's been laying off the slider for like 6 games in a row and he's hitting like .700 over that stretch.  Would be great if something clicked.  Either way, it's fun to watch. 

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I don't think Howie has solved the slider down and away. He still swings and misses badly at them.

The difference is, that he has been able to put the ball in play early in the count, and has not allowed opposing pitchers to throw the pitch with 2 strikes.

IMO, his biggest problem was that he dug himself into a hole too often by fouling off strike one and two. He's putting balls in play now.

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good to see hk hit and play well. his year over year inability to hit a breaking ball indicates to me he hasn't been able to pick up the difference in spin between the breaking ball and a fastball.

it's really frustrating to me to watch him either roll over on or swing and miss at breaking pitches. if he could isolate a point on the ball when a pitch is coming at him, and recognize the spin on it, then look out!

ah , young eyes. nice things to have.

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what's comical to me is that 'Howie winning a battle title' had become a running joke on this board over the last few years.  Now, less than halfway into the season, people completely forget that he's done this year after year after year.  Next month he'll hit .190 and by the end of the year he'll finish in the .280-.290 range, where he ALWAYS does.

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