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3 hours ago, Adam said:

6.4% IPA and an 8.1% IPA

If you like a particular 8% IPA and are sure you are going to drink two beers instead of one, here is what I do. . . 

Open the high alcohol IPA and also an Asahi Super Dry.

Mix 50/50 for your first and second beer.  Asahi Super Dry is such a clean tasting beer that it will basically disappear into the IPA and you will taste the IPA just as a slightly lighter version of itself.

I think you will find it very satisfying and you will reduce the amount of alcohol by about 25%.

This assumes the goal is to manage the number of beers you want versus the high alcohol level of some IPAs.

Obviously if you want the fastest maximum “get your drink on” then forget this entire post and have at it.


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4 hours ago, Tank said:

or else a pretzel with plenty of onions and nacho cheese, and a cold bottle of water. in the old days that would have been a big tall mountain dew, but those days are long gone.

I’m curious how you eat onions on a pretzel.  I’m envisioning you taking a bite of pretzel and then tossing diced onion in your mouth. 

Edit: I suppose you could do a dip of nacho cheese and then a dip into the diced onions. Like the wet and dry method when you’re frying chicken. 

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