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Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Yankees 6/14/13

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  • 1. Brett Gardner(CF)
  • 2. Jayson Nix(3B)
  • 3. Mark Teixeira(1B)
  • 4. Robinson Cano(DH)
  • 5. Vernon Wells(LF)
  • 6. Thomas Neal(RF)
  • 7. David Adams(2B)
  • 8. Reid Brignac(SS)
  • 9. Austin Romine©
  • 1. Mike Trout(LF)
  • 2. Josh Hamilton(RF)
  • 3. Albert Pujols(DH)
  • 4. Mark Trumbo(1B)
  • 5. Howie Kendrick(2B)
  • 6. Alberto Callaspo(3B)
  • 7. Chris Iannetta©
  • 8. Erick Aybar(SS)
  • 9. Peter Bourjos(CF)



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If it were up to AW, most players would get benched if they went hitless.  Coaches and managers would be yelling at players as they came off the field if they made a bad play or got thrown out on the bases.  Butcher would be grabbing pitchers by the jersey during his mound visits.  Players would be getting in each others face for enjoying themselves.  


The entire org would be on a series of one day contracts.  


" Nice guy? I don't give a shit. Good father? **** you! Go home and play with your kids. You wanna work here - close! You think this is abuse? You think this is abuse, you cocksucker? You can't take this, how can you take the abuse you get on a sit? You don't like it, leave."

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Yankees also have Chris Bootcheck on their roster after that long game yesterday.

I'm kind of amazed Chris Bootcheck is still playing professional baseball. I would have guessed he would be in Japan or Indy ball.


He will pitch at some point in this series and you know damn well he will pitch a 1-2-3 inning.

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