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Angels Approval Ratings


Angels Approval Ratings  

101 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you approve of the job Arte Moreno is doing?

    • Strongly Approve
    • Moderately Approve
    • Neither Approve nor Dissaprove
    • Moderately Disapprove
    • Arte bad imo
  2. 2. Do you approve of the job Perry Minasian is doing?

    • Strongly Approve
    • Moderately Approve
    • Neither Approve nor Disapprove
    • Moderately Disapprove
    • Strongly Disapprove

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I voted strongly disapprove on Perry, but I like that he didn't come in firing everyone and trying to put his stamp on this.  He hired guys, seemingly had them do the deep dive thing, and hopefully we get a better look at what the Perry era will be like. 

But not screwing the team long term was a good move and I'm looking forward to seeing how he navigates this offseason.

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1 hour ago, True Grich said:

Last season, I sort of got used to not having baseball and when it came back later in the year - I wasn't as interested.  I watched some games, but I wasn't all that invested. 

Going into this season, I thought that having fans back in the stadium, a full schedule, etc. would bring back my enthusiasm for the game this year.  Initially, I watched a lot of games, but as the season has progressed, my interest has dropped off.  I thought that I would enjoy having baseball back, but I can't say that it's been all that enjoyable. 

I have enjoyed watching Ohtani and continue to marvel at the very special and very historical season he's having.  Outside of that, there hasn't been much to keep me engaged.  Watching games has become less and less of a priority as the season has moved forward. 

This season has sort of been an unmitigated disaster.

I'm not one to sit around and bitch about every little thing.  I just think the team is dysfunctional on many levels.  It all starts with Arte for me and I don't see the Angels doing anything great while he owns the team.  I hope I'm wrong.  When I look at Arte, I think to myself - I wouldn't want to work for a guy like that.  Maybe that's not fair.  I don't know him on a personal level - but the image I have in my mind isn't one of a leader. 

This team lost its way some how.  I think that happened when Mike Scioscia lost his autonomy and ultimately, his job.  This team lost its identity.  The team's culture has changed. 

I'll still watch.  I'll still look forward to next season.  But... putting in the time and effort is becoming less of a priority.  I try to find the entertainment value in each game now.  That's about it. 

I feel like I don't know this team any more.  Names pop in and out of the lineup so often, it's hard to identify with many of them.  I don't know much about them and as a result, I feel less engaged. 



This is a great post. I 100% agree. I was so excited for the season to start, and my wife and I even made it out to Spring Training. But just a few weeks into the season, I stopped watching most games. Unless Trout, Rendon, and Ohtani are all healthy at the same time, this team is unwatchable.

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18 minutes ago, Blarg said:

That is probably the most accurate description of the post Scioscia era. The team just doesn't seem to have an identity right now and Maddon's, play like it is 1985, doesn't translate to play on the field or dugout management. I feel like Maddon is more of a facade than a cornerstone to a solid foundation. 


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Maddon is a gimmick in my opinion.  Kinda the Adam Sandler effect.  

Jury is out on Minasian and I'm not even sure if he's worthy of a grade or ever will be.  How can you grade someone who really isn't the one taking the test.  Or maybe he's only allowed to answer every fifth question.  Point is I'm just not sure we're grading him on his work.  

With Arte, I can't tell if the repetitive nature of the mistakes and poor execution is because it's purposeful and I'm stupid and keep buying it or because a billionaire's ego and lack of accountability allows for what seems to be a CD stuck on repeat playing my least favorite song on an album I otherwise enjoy.   

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