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Can the Angels win the championship next year?


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1 hour ago, Angels 1961 said:

Iglesias will not accept QO

No offense, but we don't know what he will do. 

That being said, if he doesn't then we still have the inside route to sign him as every other team would need to forfeit a pick. or at least we'd receive a draft pick. 

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2 hours ago, tdawg87 said:

Assuming we're on a budget, giving Iglesias a QO would be incredibly stupid. We could sign Iggy and 2 other pen arms for that same amount.

But this is the Angels so I don't expect intelligent decisions 

Hello he will not accept QO as he can get 3 years for 45 mill. He does not take QO halos will get draft pick. 

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The Giants didn't have a season above .500 since 2016, and now they're on route to 100+ wins, with the best record in baseball.

Meaning, sure, it could happen. But they'll need some luck, and to bolster the pitching staff. One good starter, several good relievers.

I'm optimistic about the hitting because even if one of Trout or Rendon gets hurt, both probably won't again, at least not like this year. Also, Adell and Marsh will continue to improve, and Rengifo is showing glimmers of being the player we hoped he would be. Walsh looks good again, and while Stassi has been frigid, is overall good. Ohtani...who knows. But he can fall back a bit and still be really good, but he could also improve, as crazy as that sounds (higher BA).

I like the rotation depth, but the Angels need at least a couple guys to step up and be reliable mid-rotation starters. Ohtani is very good, although due to innings limitations will likely never be a true #1. But if Sandoval and a couple of the other guys can step up and be solid #3s, the rotation should be fine. Plus, they'll probably add someone like Stroman, or at least re-sign Cobb.


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11 hours ago, WicketMaiden said:

Forgive me @Revad but I have absolutely no idea what this sentence means. I understand all the words but not the way they are arranged. Is this google translate or are you just having a really bad day? 

Ok I forget but let me try…

11 hours ago, WicketMaiden said:

Dude nothing against torrid but the the audience is some broader

Torrid is to me a respected poster and you were in part responding to him.   So I was somehow agreeing with your post while trying to be respectful in general.  Hell, do I need an attorney again?

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Next year starts what most people outside of baseball will call…”the Halo Dynasty.” A celebration will be held in 2048 when the Angels overtake the Yankees for the most WS titles. The MVP award will be named the “Trouty” and the Cy Young will be renamed the “Outstanding Ohtani.” Cy Young will rollover in his grave but it’s from the boner he got from mentioning his name with Shohei.

csi miami deal with it GIF
“The funny thing about the Angels in the future…they never lose.” *yeooooow* {‘Won’t Get Fooled Again begins playing}

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On 9/14/2021 at 9:38 AM, Junkballer said:

In addition to shoring up the bullpen and stabilizing the rotation with a #2 or better starter, improving the defense should be a high priority.  With most positional starting roles filled, Minasian will have to work on the few open positions, SS, #2C and bench.  I think it is more probable they sign a SS with defense in mind than trust it to Rengifo, and that likely means no Raul Iglesias.  I can see them starting out doing closer by committee until someone establishes himself.  Contending for the division will come down to how savvy his choices are with pitching and of course injuries.  

If we do not extend Iglesias  after declining to trade him at the deadline then the entire front office needs to be fired!

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On 9/14/2021 at 3:20 PM, Blarg said:

There is no downside to making a QO. They can use a quality closer or an additional draft pick. The only losing play is letting him walk. 

You're thinking like a fan though. Moreno has proven if he has to spend an extra $3-5 mill on one player he's taking it away from another, even if that means the difference between making the playoffs and not.

I'm not sure on the QO to Iglesias. There is a good chance he doesn't accept, but if he does that takes up about 50% of our offseason budget.

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23 hours ago, Angels 1961 said:

Why risk 27 mill. If he can get 45 and he will why accept 18? I feel Minasian should resign him and I hope he does.

With the way he has pitched this year a $15m AAV is starting to look like his floor. He is a proven, durable, elite closer and probably the best in the FA class. He's going to get paid a lot.

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