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Arte or Eppler

Eppler or Arte  

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Who made the decision to hire Maddon

    • Eppler
    • Arte

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1 hour ago, DCAngelsFan said:

Well, Angelos' primary sins were in  ridding himself of anyone who disagreed with him - witness Jon Miller being run off - much of the front office left or were run off,  replacing his baseball guys with often-incompetent ass-kissing yes-men - then, later,  letting his sons run the team like it was a personal play toy.

I can't figure out where Arte falls here - is he like Steinbrenner v1, with incessant meddling that crippled the team?  

I dunno - not sure it's helpful to try and find his equivalent - to me, it feels like he's under-invested in building a quality baseball organization, and seems more interested in the team as a marketing operation than a baseball team.

It also feels like the Angels are a bit under-capitalized - yes, we had money for Pujols and Trout - but that also meant under-funding operations.  

Eh, dead horse.  

But I'm at the point where I wish he'd sell to a buyer as well-funded and as motivated as say, the Guggenheim group.


Yep, I saw the same thing at the last company I worked at. Spend the whole budget on all-star hires in executive management, then refuse to spend on any of the departments beneath them. End result is there's no one to do the actual work (even if the strategy is good) and you have a top-heavy organization that looks like it should be succeeding, but isn't. Just like with the Angels. 

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6 hours ago, beatlesrule said:

Like Pujols, Hamilton etc there was a GM in place that did the actual signing/hiring but the decision was all Moreno. I don't see how the Angels win a World Series with him as owner unless he drastically changes his way of handling the team. If your boss tells you to do something, you can share your opinion but you need to do what they say or get fired. All the GMs Arte has had most likely told him how bad of an idea it would be but he didn't listen to them and repeatedly decides to make the wrong decisions. I just hope he sells the team soon. Is there another baseball team that has gone through as many GMs and managers and scandals as the Angels have over the last 10 years? I am sure they are up there in injuries too. Sad.


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On 8/27/2021 at 12:00 AM, Dochalo said:

This may be extreme thinking, but pretty much everything that is wrong with this franchise right now is because Arte restricted whatever GM from doing their job or bullied them into doing things a certain unconventional way that it was restrictive.  I know this is taboo to say, but I think even Dipoto could have done a better job if it wasn't for Arte.   The common denominator for a lack of success over the last handful of years is Arte.  

I'd buy into this more if he had not gone to Seattle and done all the same exact things until they decided to tank.  If anything I think his time and mistakes in Anaheim helped JD learn from his mistakes.

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