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AngelsWin.com forum moving to a Linux Server

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You guys all know how I'm a big Microsoft guy. Well, it's time for me to ramp up on my Linux skills because I'm moving the forum (AGAIN) to another server. 


Right now I'm on a shared environment with tons of ram, space and allegedly unlimited bandwidth. Well, the guys at Godaddy say that the 'ULTIMATE' package which I purchased (the best in their packages to choose from) is in a shared server environment so if a server or more have a busy day/night and suck all the network bandwidth, this forum, this website will come to crawl and like two nights ago (late at night) come to a complete stop. 


Be that as it may, I ponied up the $$$ and purchased a virtual dedicated Linux server (CentOS 6) with thousands of terrabytes of bandwidth monthly, tons of disk space and a boat load of ram. So instead of the $99.99 for the year, it's $39.99 a month for this dedicated server -- but IMO, worth it since I won't be sharing any network load with anyone else. 


Any Linux guys out there? May have to pick your brain on a few things. 


The server move and DNS switch over will be sometime next time, but you won't even know it happened as I will test things out on the new serve before we flip the switch. 


While this forum has been fast for me from the get-go, those of you who have moaned about it running slow for you sometimes should see an increase in performance on this forum in the near future. Going from Windows to Linux alone will speed things up, and as mentioned, being on our own network/server. 


Just thought I'd share this news with you all. 

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Glad to hear that the issue is on the way to resolution. Since the move, my results have been mixed. Sometimes the board is very fast. At other times, I will click to open a post, leave the room to get a drink, and when I come back the post still hasn't loaded.


Wish I could help with Linux, but that isn't one of my areas of expertise.

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DNS change complete. We're (well at least I am) on the new server. Your login session may be cached, but it will eventually log you out like it did me and give you a nasty error (maybe). Any threads created this morning are gone (I think from 2 am in the morning to 9:30 am.). Just re-create them!


Welcome to the new, fast, Linux server that AngelsWin.com is currently on. 

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