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General NHL Talk 2021-2022

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Time for opening night. The Avs lost some forward talent with Saad and Donskoi and replaced them with rookies. It might look a little rough in the beginning, especially with Toews out and Jack Johnson in. My predictions-

The top dogs are gonna go off. The 1st line will be great and Rantanen will go for 40G and 55A this year. Once Toews is back he and Makar will once again be awesome and they'll put Byram with Girard and as a team they'll blow away the records for possession

The bottom six won't score much but neither will the other team. Probably only getting about a combined 30% of the even strength minutes, if that. Low event hockey except when well coached teams start to take advantage of matching up against the line with Newhook and Ranta with Jack F'in Johnson on the D

Kuemper will start out slow then go on a killer streak that puts him in the Vezina race

They'll win the Central, put all the second round crap behind them, beat Vegas in the conference final but lose the Cup final

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From the Ducks thread what I posted.



Also.  Think McTavish might make the team out of the gate?  He's really been performing well, and I've noticed they have been trying him out at center and wing.  

On a side note, looking at the contracts that players have been getting coming off of their ELC's.  Even with only one season in the NHL. Petterssen 22 YO 3/7.3, Hughes 21 YO 6/7.8, Dahlin 21 YO, 3/6, Kaprizov 24 YO, 5/9, Farabee 22 YO, 6/$5, Svechnikov 21 YO, 8/$7.7.  And we won't even get into what 22 YO Tkachuk is asking for, even though his numbers don't seem to warrant such a salary.  It just seems like players are getting paid big earlier now, so having players burn their ELC's when they can play in the NHL seems pointless.  Almost detrimental.  Because if they have a huge year burning that last ELC year, they are going to want to get paid big.  At least if you call them up right away, you can see what you really have over a few seasons, before committing the big $$.



Habs, Suzuki agree to eight-year, $63 million extension

Entering his final year of entry level contract, 22 YO, $7.875 million.

I really thing the economics of the game have changed and that playing players earlier in the ELC is better than having them burn their ELC in the minors/AHL.

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19 minutes ago, Tank said:

Hey Arch, I watched the first period of the Avis game tonight. They looked as smooth as silk.

Lots of analysts seem to like their chances to win it all this year.

Yeah and that was without MacKinnon or Toews. We really need to see who's available and healthy come playoff time. If Kadri gets suspended again I'm personally flying in and kick him in the nuts

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LOL.  That didn't take long.


This is just awesome.  It had everything.  Kraken in their second game fighting surrounded by Nashville fans.  Nashville fans not really doing anything except for the two fighting.  Guy in a Corona shirt jumping in, throwing blows.  And no one seems to care.  Then a guy in an Assholes Live Forever shirt, with a Nashville hankie jumping in to break it up?  Oh, and then there is the elderly black woman sitting there, minding her own business, turning her back to the fight so she can drink in peace.  

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So MacKinnon and Jack Johnson are both in the COVID protocol. Landeskog is suspended and Nichushkin is out for a few weeks with a wrist injury. Toews isn't back yet from his injury so the lineup and pairings tonight will be a mess. I think they're only running 11 forwards while missing half of the top 6. Should be fun

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