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Anyone else going to watch the Halos at Wrigley?


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Wrigley is dope.


We went last time they were there in 2010. It was at the end of a long vacation. As for food the only thing I remember is that deep dish pizza sucks. Lou Malnatti is an a-hole

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The Cubby Bear, right across from the famous sign at Clark and Addison is somewhere you need to go, especially first time at Wrigley....then walk down Sheffield and behind the CF bleachers there is Murphy's Bleachers @ Sheffield and Waveland.

(probably my favorite bar in the area) As you walk down Sheffield you will see markers of some of the LONGER hrs that have hit the windows of the buildings.

Can't go to Chicago and not have an Italian Beef Sandwich...

If you are staying in midtown, hit the original Portillos on Ontario St.

Pizza Uno has good pizza, and go for the thin crust.

Must go the Billy Goat Tavern...it is under Michigan Ave near the river...

ask anyone and they will show you how to get there.

Those are all must-do's in Windy.

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Was there last season when the Doyers played. It was also the game when Abreu joined the Blue.  I was heckling him (and razzing Adam Kennedy) during batting practice and warmups; his glove was still colored red.  Being the only person wearing Angels red (Weaver jersey....the day after he threw his no-no at home) I obviously stood out.  

Cubbie Bear is a must....only to say you've been there.  It's just a sports bar that happens to be across the street from the front entrance of Wrigley.

I had lunch at Goose Island.  Food was OK.  The beer is why I went since it's their brew.

If you're in Downtown, definitely hit up a deep dish pizza joint.  I had Pizzeria Due and Giordano's.  I preferred Due's crust.

Also, visit the Billy Goat Tavern.  It's a throwback bar from years ago.  Nothing fancy about it.

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Pizza Due' is excellent.. I was thinking of that not Uno.

Also go into Wrigley early, especially if you are only going to be there for one game.

The grass, the sounds, the players chatting it up with the fans and each other.

I grew up there in the 60's, and still go back regularly, and it is an experience. You just can't "feel" the game, like you do at Wrigley, anywhere else.

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