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The Angels during the "soft underbelly" of the year

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Remember back in early May when the Angels were entering a soft stretch of their schedule and looked to make up ground they had lost? It was May 6 and they were 11-20 and starting a stretch of playing teams like Houston, Chicago, KC, Seattle, the Dodgers, etc.


Anyhow, through June 5 when they finished up a series with the White Sox the Angels were 25-34, so during that soft stretch they went 14-14. In other words, during the weakest part of the season the Angels were a .500 club. Since, playing Boston and Baltimore, they are 2-4. I think those two represent the type of team the Angels are - .500 against bad teams, .333 (or so) against good teams. Doesn't exactly scream "playoff bound."



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We're now 1-3 starting off this 33-game stretch against mostly better teams, which will take us up to the All-star break.

Excluding Houston at the end of the month (they own us anyway), the combined winning pct of the teams we'll be facing is .551.


Boston  1-2

Baltimore  0-1 so far

New York Yankees





St. Louis

Boston again

Chicago Cubs

Seattle again

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i don't see them reaching 81 wins, or even really being that close to 500. i think this team is going to tank harder than we could've imagined. i'll predict a top ten protected pick, and possibly approaching a top 5.


it's not the individual under performance that bothers me so much as it is the approach to the game. angels baseball is bad baseball lately.

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Unfortunately, there isn't another lacky out there to take on Pujols' and Hackilton's contracts, like the Guggenheims did Crawford's and Beckett's contracts.


If there was, and I was Arte, I'd be all over dealing those two to that lacky team.

Neither is EEEVER, EEEEEEEVER going to do much again.


But it would take including a good player to even attempt to find a lacky to take the other two off our hands.

The Raviners likely don't take Crawford and Beckett, if A-Gon wasn't included.

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