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Wake me up when we get to the bridge

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I grew up in Vermont for my first seven years of life. We had family on Long Island, and would drive down once or twice a year. The drive was over five hours, an eternity for a family with two boys. Anyhow, the only thing I remember is that my brother, seven years older than me, would bunch a sweater up against tte window and say, before allegedly sleeping for a few hours, "Wake me up when we get to the bridge." 

(The bridge, I believe, was Whitestone or Throgs, and meant we were almost there, and the drive had gotten interesting, at least to two Vermont boys)

I think I mentioned this before, some years ago, in writing a very similar post. But...here we are again. I mention this because I'm getting that feeling again. You know the feeling, very familiar to Angels fans: That the season is all but over not long into it. Or, at least, we're in that long slog between the beginning and end, when you know the final result. 

And I know...it's early. There's always hope, right? How many times have I, have we, said this? And I know I foolishly called the team "magical," just ten games in (remember 7-3? They're 9-16 since...and .360 winning percentage).

But...this team. It just feels so...mediocre. It differs from the ghosts of teams past, I suppose, due to the presence of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, and glimmers here and there. But, like almost every year in my 40 years of fandom, the result just seems inevitable. The team will end up winning 70-80-something games, and miss the playoffs. It won't be horrible, but it won't be good. Angels teams are rarely one extreme or the other (never lost 100, only won 100 once; in fact, they've only lost 95 once, but only won 95 five times, and all since 2002...so I suppose there's that, there's...2002-09. But that ended a dozen years ago now).

Here we are again.

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4 minutes ago, jsnpritchett said:

Based on a novel by the same guy who wrote the novel Planet of the Apes was based on.  Quite a big difference there!

I wasn't aware that he was blacklisted by during the era of McCarthyism for being a communist.

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Too true.  Unless I’m mistaken this year does not have the expanded playoffs.  The royals, twins, and tigers are shaping up to be three of the worst teams in the league making Cleveland and Chicago two of the teams.  Two teams will likely come from the al east which means the best shot is winning the division.  That’s what makes resting half your team against a division rival while already in last place puzzling.  Can’t be giving games away despite the long season. 

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35 minutes ago, Lou said:

I'm just trying to find the bridge

Has anybody seen the bridge?


(Have you seen the bridge?)

I ain't seen the bridge!

(Where's that confounded bridge?)

Who knew that Lou is a Zeppelin guy.

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2 minutes ago, Lou said:

I wasn't aware that he was blacklisted by during the era of McCarthyism for being a communist.

Ah, the novelist (Pierre Boulle) wasn't--but the same screenwriter, Michael Wilson, wrote both movies, oddly enough.  He's the one who was blacklisted.

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