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The Official "It's Sho-time" Thread

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We may need a stickied Ohtani-centric thread.

I like this one: Ohtani currently leads the majors in Power/Speed, which is the harmonic mean of HR and SB.

With 7.2 through 27 games he's on pace for 43.2, which is just below the record (A-Rod in 1998 with 43.91). I don't expect him to match that, but still very impressive.

Only A-Rod, Alfonso Soriano, Eric Davis (twice), Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Bobby Bonds, and Barry Bonds (twice) have surpassed 40 P/S. Trout's best was in 2012 with 37.22, which is 26nd best all-time. He's also got a few season in the 116-121 range and has the highest total among active major leaguers (243.57), which is 59th all-time. 

Oh wait, this was supposed to be about Ohtani. I think a somewhat moderate projection would be 35-25, but he's certainly capable of a 40-40 season.

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Posted (edited)

There was one Halos player in the past who did both playing in the field and pitching in relief.

In 1964, OFer Willie Smith hit .301 in 373 PAs (125 OPS+) and also pitched 31.2 innings with a 2.84 ERA.

He’s no Ohtani, but still that was also impressive.

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