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大谷翔平 - The Official Shohei Ohtani Thread

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On 5/19/2021 at 2:59 PM, jsnpritchett said:

He did in 1918.  Played 95 games overall, hit 11 HR to lead the league, while also starting 19 games (and pitching in one in relief).  He won 13 games that year and put up 2.3 pitching WAR.  That's probably the closest parallel to Ohtani this year (though obviously Ohtani will end up playing more games overall, assuming he doesn't get hurt).

There wasn't a DH in 1918. So the comparisons between them fall on their face. 

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Shohei Ohtani Was Billed As The Next Babe Ruth. This Year, He’s Pulling It Off.

Even before his much-anticipated move from Japan to America in the offseason of 2017-18, baseball fans knew that Shohei Ohtani had virtually unlimited potential as a two-way talent. The biggest question was simply whether his situation — and his durability — would allow him to live up to that promise and become MLB’s first true two-way superstar in a very long time. And so far this season, in his fourth year with the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani is off to the start fans have long been dreaming of.


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  • Chuckster70 changed the title to The Official Shohei Ohtani Thread
49 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

He's now at a combined 3.5 WAR. 2.3 as a hitter, 1.2 as a pitcher. I think he's 5th or 6th in the majors. 

Whats crazy (not to derail) is that Trout, without pitching, was putting up such high WAR numbers for so long.... 

Got so used to it, it became easy to take for granted how good he is

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  • Chuckster70 changed the title to 大谷翔平 - The Official Shohei Ohtani Thread

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