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大谷翔平 - The Official Shohei Ohtani Thread

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Ohtani-san set a baseball life plan (in a sense, dreams) when he was 17.
He had a dream of becoming a fastball pitcher.

Age18 Join major team (To US)
Age19 3A, Master English
Age20 Major, 14 million dollars
Age21 Starting rotation, 16 wins
Age22 Cy Young Award
Age23 WBC Japan National Team
Age24 No-hitter, 25 wins
Age25 The fastest in the world, 175km/h (108.74miles/h)
Age26 World Series Champion, Marriage (This year!)

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Wow, last night's performance was so bad the he dropped to 4.8 bWAR and is now slightly behind Zach Wheeler (4.9) for the major league lead. I'm sure he'll re-take the lead within a couple games, though.

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4 hours ago, ten ocho recon scout said:



Ohtani-san's birthday is July 5, so he will soon be 27 years old.


(Photo taken in June 2015)

Nippon-Ham Fighters Official Shop in Sapporo, Hokkaido

Shohei Ohtani Yellow T-shirt


The person at the top of the upper left panel is Mr. Kuriyama (Manager, Nippon-Ham Fighters).  Mr. Kuriyama believed in Ohtani-san's potential and expanded his possibilities of dual wield (pitching and batting).

# At the bottom of the panel, "Ezolution" is a compound word of Ezo (old name of Hokkaido island) and Evolution.

Ohtani-san's uniform number in the Nippon-Ham Fighters was 11. 
Before him, it was of Yu Darvish (Padres). 
The number 11 has been a missing number for Nippon-Ham Fighters since 2018.

The uniform number 17 was when Ohtani-san was a student at Hanamaki Higashi High School.
Before him, this number was of his senior, Yusei Kikuchi (Mariners) in the first grade of the school. 
The number 17 symbolizes Otani-san's feelings of "going back to a beginner's spirit" and "doing his best with new stage".

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Regarding selection of the first place as MLB All-Star designated hitter, Ohtani-san announced to the Japanese media that he would like to do his best to entertain everyone.

"My profile photo" is a picture I took when Ohtani-san participated as a starting pitcher in the NPB All-Star Game (Koshien Stadium, a ball park located between Osaka and Kobe) on July 19, 2014.

Second NPB All-Star selection (2014)

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NHK (Japan's public broadcaster, similar to the BBC in UK) announced:

On July 7 Japan Time, the regular season Red Sox vs Angels game will be broadcast live on terrestrial channel.
(For the first time this year. NHK usually broadcasts some of the MLB Games on satellite channel.)

It will broadcast Home Run Derby live on terrestrial channel.
(It is unusual. MLB All-Star Game 2021 will be broadcast on satellite channel.)

# NHK Satellite channel requires an extra reception fee in addition to the terrestrial channel fee.

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