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2021 California Recall Election

How are you voting in the recall?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. How are you voting in the recall?

    • “No” on recall
    • “Yes” on recall
  2. 2. Who are you voting for to replace him?

    • Larry Elder
    • John Cox
    • Kevin Faulconer
    • Kevin Kylie
    • Caitlyn Jenner
    • Kevin Paffrath
    • Leaving this question blank
    • Other
  3. 3. Do you think Newsom will be recalled?

    • Yes
    • No

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14 minutes ago, UndertheHalo said:

Idaho is pretty fucking expensive in a lot of places as I understand it.  That’s true in a lot of these places where Californians go to retire.  

Even places you wouldn't expect. I do a lot of business there and it's a trip.

I'm working with this lady and she doesn't know how much her home is worth because she bought it for 250k or so three years ago. I look it up and it's 600k. Now, here's the real kicker. Comp sites can be a bit hit and miss....grain of salt type thing. But when I run it through a government pre-approval system everyone uses they agree with the value and tell me to not order an appraisal.......that's pretty much the norm out there.

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2 hours ago, cals said:

I miss finger blasting.  That worry you had when you started to unbutton the jeans if your hand was gonna get swatted or pulled away.  The elation when she let you.  The satiny or lace feel on the back of your hand as your fingers followed the slight curve down, past some pubes (or maybe she was a waxer), right into the mother lode, which was already wet, just waiting for you.  Damn those were good times.

I recommend staring at @cals avatar and then reading this post for the ultimate experience.

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Looks like Elder will win every county, he's leading all but like 5 by well over 10% of the vote, and the only he's losing is San Francisco to Paffrath by 600 votes with only about 29% of the vote counted, so he should catch up.

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5 hours ago, Taylor said:

It's an Arrested Development reference.


You can stay there along with all your other libs

Don't come here and ruin it

BTW I was born an raised in SoCal but it's not the same as it was

Definitely going down the sewer

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53 minutes ago, Brandon said:

Wasn’t Taylor the guy complaining about not being able to buy a home here in OC? But he’d rather stay.

I think he was complaining that nobody has bought a house for him. That’s what he really wants 

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