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Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Blue Jays (4-8-2021)

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The face of MLB

Keep your eye out for me.  Please remember the camera adds 10 pounds.

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Nice start to a road series. Could have been won in regulation if not for a couple of big catches. Fletcher's blooper made up for them. Other than Trout no big stats, but most players chipped in with useful at bats.

Ohtani seems to either chase bad outside  junk pitches or murder the ball. 

Hoping for a Trout cycle but the triple is tough. Especially in that small stadium.

The Jays will be formidable before long. 

Still waiting for a starter to win. Has to happen sometime. Or maybe not? It requires getting a lead with the starter in there for at least five innings, and holding the lead. I have a feeling there won't be many pitchers on any team who win 15 or more. Not the way the game is managed now.


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All ya'll rolling your eyes and snarking "blister...lol" need to ask someone who pitched competitively about blisters. (I am trying not to sound condescending here, sorry.)

Every pitcher gets them on the fingers at some point (hopefully you get them out of the way in spring training), and they are a legitimate hindrance.  It's probably another one in the list of things you have to do after TJS, build back that toughened skin on the finger tips and thumb knuckle.  It takes a long time.  Rich Hill knows:



Also, I am not in the Jose Mota Hate Club, but his idea that you put your bat parallel to the 1st base line to get a bunt down the 3rd base line...ugh.  That's only a good way to bunt it into foul territory.

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2 hours ago, Inside Pitch said:

PSA time....   The park in Dunedin is a launching pad....  HR park factors over 130...  Keep that in mind as you guys lose your shit over HRs allowed this weekend.

but then if we didn't lose our collective minds over things out of our control around here, that would be completely out of character.

you're asking an awful lot out of some people here. be prepared.

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