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44 minutes ago, Inside Pitch said:

Even better, its like we were on the winning side at Pearl Harbor ....AND Midway.   

Two way winning.

Its like having toyota reliability, but in american factories, providing jobs to americans, with japanese know how

Or like sushi bars, with american beers on the menu so you dont look stupid in front of your friends who grew up, when you show up to the anniversary party, and everyone is wearing slacks and dress shirts, and you are wearing vans. But they have coors light. And tempura

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1 minute ago, AngelsLakersFan said:

And they aren't even good fresh!

I take it youre one of those "budweiser, and it better be non expired!" White collar types.

Mine was a mish mash of beer leftovers at my parents over the years. Some cans, some bottles. Expired different years. Some had chunks in it, etc.

Did its job though.

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