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What are your least favorite things about baseball?

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Hitters whining about the shift instead of adjusting to it.

Currently the single worst part of baseball.

@Angelsjunky starting threads 

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Ohtani not being allowed to hit before or after pitching (just an excuse to get Pujols some PT)

Hitters being allowed to call timeout so they can dig in 

Every Angel trade of the 1970's

When the Angels get off to a crappy start and I can't stand to watch games by mid-May

No longer keeping score by hand because I can just check on my phone 


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Pink Red Sox hats

The adulation of Billy Beane 

The way fans of NL teams claim to love "the strategy" of pitchers batting and double switches.

The media constantly reminding us that the Angels can't get Mike Trout to the postseason. 

The fact that the Angels can't get Mike Trout to the postseason. 

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Fans who complain about length of games.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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I actually tend to dislike small rule changes that take us farther away from some of the long standing rules in Baseball for the sake of speeding up the game. I understand the method behind them because a lot of the younger generations just don't have the attention span, but I guess I'm more of a traditionalist, but to be fair I'm also a hypocrite because I do like the DH in the AL, but I also like the distinct differences between the AL and NL.

I still wish there wasn't Interleague play because it makes the WS feel more special.

I nap now....

Grandpa Simpson Boomer GIF by moodman

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MLB's marketing creating The MFYankees and all the BS coverage of their mediocre 'stars'. Sheesh, if somebody farts in pinstripes it's headline news.

Cheating. If you can't compete within the rules of the game you shouldn't be on the field, you should be in front of a mirror taking a good long look at yourself. 

The Green monster - singularly the most unappealing sight in contemporary sports stadia. 

Hitters failing to adjust to the shift - surely the only sport where players regularly ignore lop-sided defensive fields that offer them easy scoring opportunities. In every other sport players adjust, even at amateur levels, why not baseball pros?  Is it ego or ignorance that drives this incomprehensible numptyism? 

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