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2021 MLB Draft Prospects Thread

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 Madden has been a guy that has been floating around pick number 10 in mock drafts.


Also, Jaden Hill got embarassed his last start after not allowing a single run in 10 innings pitched on the season (9 SO, 4 H, 0 BB) 



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6 hours ago, Angelsjunky said:

Get ready for the hype train on D'Angelo Ortiz, aka "little Papi," in 2022.


Jerry Dipoto will become GM of the Red Sox and shoot his wad on some high-floor type, causing Boston to miss out on Little Papi.

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16 hours ago, Stax said:

Joe Rock round 2.

Projected around #58 pick, pitched a 7 inning no-hitter already this season.

Looks like he could be a great 2nd round pick.    Maybe if Rocker, Leiter, Hill, and Madden are all taken in the first 8 picks, best thing is take best available player in round 1 and Rock in round 2?

Part of an MLB article on him:8470E9AE-7599-49DA-BC90-49496409CB9C.png

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Just keep targeting upside collegiate starters. Get another Detmers or Rodriguez type of arm in the system, someone that'll be ready along with Kochanowicz in 2024. Use your second round pick on a starter too.

Then wash, rinse and repeat in the 2022 and 2023 drafts and this organization will finally have the pitching depth and upside that it needs on the mound. 

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3 hours ago, Angel Oracle said:

Maybe overtakes teammate Rocker as #1 overall pick?

Has one college ever had overall #1 and #2 picks in same draft?

One school had players go first and third in the same draft.







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