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Study: Angels fans rank 24th averaging 2.8 adult beverages a game


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Some fan bases are more well-known than others for having few too many during a baseball game, but which MLB are the biggest drinkers?

NJ Online gambling recently surveyed 2,631 Major League Baseball fans who were over the age of 21, to learn more about their drinking habits and to find out which fanbases drink the most..

Here’s what they found:

  • The Los Angeles Angels are the 24th booziest fans in baseball averaging 2.8 drinks per game.
  • Angels fans spend the 2nd most in MLB per game with an average of $49.
  • Top 5 booziest fanbases: 1. Chicago White Sox 2. Atlanta Braves 3. Cincinnati Reds 4. Cleveland Indians 5. San Diego Padres.
  • The Angels rank 9th for the biggest pregamers with 60% of Angels fans admitting to drinking before the game starts.
  • The Angels rank 15th for biggest lightweight drinkers with 29% of Angels fans admitting to having missed some or all of a game due to drinking too much.
  • 28% of Angels fans reported drinking more when the team is playing poorly which ranked 3rd among MLB fanbases.


When baseball fans hear the crack of a baseball against a wooden bat – and the crack of a beer can opening – they know the season is in full swing.

Some fan bases are more well-known than others for having a few too many during a game, but which MLB fans are the biggest drinkers? We surveyed MLB fans across the country to ask all about their drinking habits to find out which are the “booziest” baseball fans.

MLB Fans Who Drink the Most

Booziest MLB Fans Rankings
Booziest MLB Fans Rankings

Chicago’s “South Siders” have been known to get a little rowdy, so it might not be a surprise that the White Sox rank No. 1 on our list of MLB fans who drink the most. According to respondents, White Sox fans drink an average of 4.2 alcoholic beverages per game and outrank their crosstown rivals, the Chicago Cubs, who rank No. 14 on our list.

Coming in at a very close second place are Atlanta Braves fans. These fans drink an average of 4 alcoholic beverages per game and are slightly ahead of Cincinnati Reds fans, which rank No. 3. Cleveland and the San Diego Padres round out the top five and No. 4 and No. 5, respectively.

Elsewhere on the list of “booziest” baseball fans is another crosstown rival in New York City. The New York Yankees have won a record 27 World Series Championships compared to the two-time champion New York Mets, but when it comes to drinking, the Mets have the Yankees beat. According to our analysis, the Mets rank No. 12 and the Yankees rank No. 18.

MLB Fans Who Drink the Least

When it comes to MLB fans who drink the least during games, the Philadelphia Phillies rank last with fans consuming an average of 2.4 drinks per game. Phillies fans rank slightly below Oakland A’s fans (2.5 drinks per game) and San Francisco Giants fans (2.7 drinks per game).

Biggest MLB Pregamers

Biggest MLB Pregame Drinkers
Biggest MLB Pregame Drinkers

Pregaming, or drinking before a game starts, can be a delicate balancing act. Drink too many and you may not make it through the whole game. Apparently, fans of the Toronto Blue Jays have mastered the art of the pregame. According to respondents, 70% of Blue Jays fans say they typically drink before a game starts. A majority (68%) of St. Louis Cardinals fans surveyed also top our biggest pregamers list at No. 2 followed by the White Sox, which is fitting considering they also top our overall list of biggest drinkers.

However, White Sox fans might not want to jump on the bandwagon to celebrate because they also take the top spot for biggest lightweight drinkers, or fans who admitted to missing some or all of a game due to drinking too much.

But when it comes to the lightweight category, there’s not much room for their crosstown rivals to celebrate either. Chicago Cubs fans rank No. 9 on our list of biggest lightweights followed by fans of the New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates and Atlanta Braves.

Will the rankings hold steady for the 2021 MLB season? Only time will tell, but odds are that there will certainly be plenty of drinks to go around.


From Jan. 27 – Feb. 17, 2021, we surveyed 2,631 self-reporting Major League Baseball fans who were over the age of 21 from around the country. Fans were asked how many alcoholic beverages they typically consume while watching a baseball game as well as how much they typically spend on alcoholic beverages while watching a baseball game. 58% of respondents were male and 42% were female. The average age of respondents was 36 years old.

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  • Chuck changed the title to Study: Angels fans rank 24th averaging 2.8 adult beverages a game
4 minutes ago, Chuckster70 said:

Actually it makes perfect sense. They don't need booze to be assholes, they're naturally shitty fans. 

Having been to a Philly's game in Philly this is definitely true. There were a couple of 13 years olds next to us who were just absolutely obnoxious. 

I went to a Boston game in 2004 before they won the WS and that seemed like the only reason people were there was to get drunk and fight. I'm surprised they aren't higher.

I also wonder what effect the availability of public transportation plays in this study. I'd probably drink more if I didn't have to drive to the games. I think driving also increases "pregaming."

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Maybe if Los Angeles stadiums didn’t stop serving beer or adult beverages in the 7th inning (5th inning when the Dodgers are in town) we’d be ranked higher also.

As an aside, I’m in no way endorsing more drinking and driving.

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The A's data is probably flawed because they have a small sample size.  I mean, they only get about 90 fans a game.  Same with Tampa Bay - they only draw about 75 fans a game.

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6 minutes ago, tdawg87 said:

Seattle has a fuckton of great beer and they're 21st.

Typical Mariners fans.

That's because they don't factor in Chuck's drinking since he's technically not a Mariners fan.  Otherwise, they'd be in the top 10 for sure.

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Boston fans are really bad at hockey game. At Fenway(from my few visits years ago) it gets worse when the Red Sox start falling behind.

I had to share this classic shot from the 1959 World Series. Not only does White Sox outfielder Al Smith helplessly watch a Dodger  home run go into the stands, but he gets drenched in beer!  The photographer caught that moment in the days before videos and replays. 



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1 hour ago, Inside Pitch said:

To be fair, they didn't ask them how many drinks they have when they first get out of bed.  

What about the guys that get their alcohol through an IV?  That's technically not drinking.

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