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The Official 2021 Los Angeles Angels Spring Training News & Notes Thread

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The biggest news for me was from OC Register's @Jeff Fletcher report from Joe Maddon on Shoehi Ohtani.  “He was showing velocity numbers, and it’s hard to show 95-plus in a workout,” the Angels m

Yep!  Man, I'm doing my best not to get excited by this "news," but it's hard not to, given what was said.  If I were Maddon (or anyone else associated with the Angels), I'd probably underplay anythin

Ohtani is going to pitch Thursday or Friday, according to Joe Maddon.    Works for me. I have great seats for both games. 

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On 3/7/2021 at 9:04 AM, Warfarin said:

With Rodriguez, I'll place my faith in Minasian to ultimately determine the best pathway for him moving forward.  Minasian does have a strong pedigree when it comes to working in systems that did a rather good job of developing and promoting their prospects.

We may have mixed thoughts on the acquisitions he made this offseason, but if it turns out that he is mediocre in signings/trades but fantastic at player / prospect development, I'll take that as a huge win for us.

For now, the way I see it, we have a 6-man rotation, and if Barria does indeed have another option, we have 2 SPs in AAA who should provide immediate SP depth (Barria, Sandoval), thus effectively giving us 8 competent SP options.  If Suarez makes any kind of progress, then perhaps we have 9, with Detmers and CRod as SP possibilities by season's end, or perhaps more realistically, 2022.

Then, in 2022, we have, at the minimum, Ohtani, Canning, Sandoval, Barria, Detmers, and CRod (f his health holds up).  We will assuredly sign 1 or, more likely, 2 SPs in the offseason - maybe one is a significant re-signing for either Bundy or Heaney, and the other is probably more like what we did with Quintana - find a SP we can sign to a one-year deal to fill a gap, as we continue to work on developing internal options to help fortify our rotation.

If that happens, then in 2022, we could have, say, Bundy, Ohtani, Canning, Detmers, Barria, _____ (acquired SP), with Sandoval continuing to serve as depth (or maybe as a LH relief pitcher), and CRod in AAA, as he has a delayed start to the season as part of the overall strategy to help gradually ramp up his innings (maybe 80-100 in 2021, then 120-140 in 2022).

Yes, agreed, with the caveat that I think CRod is in the rotation by 2022, possibly even later this year. If Detmers and CRod are ready and both Sandoval and Suarez improve, and Ohtani is healthy, then they probably don't need to do more than re-sign one of Bundy or Heaney.

So I see next year's rotation as being:

Bundy or Heaney, Ohtani, Canning, Detmers, Barria, C Rodriguez; with Sandoval, Suarez, Ortega, Hernandez, and Yan as depth.

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