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Need some computer setup help


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I have looked up damn near everything the past two weeks as I finish my set up and think I am close. I am the least tech savvy person you'll ever meet, so bear with me as I try to articulate what I'm trying to do.


Here are my items:

- 4 LG monitors on monitor stand

- 2 PC units (let's call them work/personal #1 and work #2)

- 1 keyboard mouse combo


Here is what I am trying to do:

Ultimately, I want free range of one keyboard/mouse combo over all four screens. I would like work/personal #1 to have two screens and work #2 to have two screens. #1 is a simple HP PC gaming tower and #2 is a small HP Pro Desk work gave me to use. Work #2 corporate can randomly VPN into my system they gave me, so I believe they will have access to my #1 set up if all hooked up. In a perfect world I'd like to keep them separate as the two work functions pose a conflict of interest, but if it's simple and easy to let them see, then so be it. I'd rather everything be hooked up and have the flexibility to move screens over all four than be stuck with a two and two set up that requires switching back and forth.

All four monitors are up and running, check. Each respective PC unit is connected to each set of monitors, check. I downloaded Mouse Without Borders and while it kind of works, it really sucks with lag, font changes, and consistency. I actually just bought the second matching set of monitors to have the same consistency. After asking around I just bought a KVM as recommended, but it is all USB based and my HDMI monitors can't connect as I was hoping that would solve my continuity issue to be able to run the mouse around and drag screens around all four monitors.

Based on my situation and set up, what is my best course of action or options available? I have even gone as far as emailing suppliers and can't seem to get a consistent answer or product to purchase. Someone mentioned RDP, but that is foreign and I haven't gotten around to research that just yet.

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I don't think they can control pc #1, just pc #2.  Usually it's some sort of software.

From what I'm gathering, you want two monitors on each PC?  

As far as mouse and keyboard.  I'm not familiar with being able to do one mouse/keyboard to control both computers.  the best old school solution that I can think of is having a switch.  So you plug the keyboard/mouse into the switch.  Then the switch plugs into both computers in the back.  And you push a button/switch when you want to use on whichever computer.  There might be newer methods via software, but that's probably better answered by someone like @nate

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Sounds like you want a HDMI or Displayport KVM . They are significantly more expensive than a usb KVM ($200+ for a good one). RDP or IP KVM (uses network to switch control, $500+) would be much more expensive than that and requires you to have a pretty good technical skillset.

FWIW, I used to have that setup by now I just have two keyboard/mice setup and I take advantage of the multiple monitor inputs & video outputs to have both PCs connected to the monitors I want. ex:

ex: personal computer on monitor 1 & 2, work computer on Monitor 3 & 4. When work is over, use the monitor menu on monitor 3 and 4 to change from HDMI1 to HDMI2.

The reality is there is no truly elegant and seamless way of doing this without investing tons of money and getting professional support/setup.

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Ironically, I think Mouse without Borders is the best way if I can just find a way to clean it up. It keeps both PC's on two monitors each and I can scroll around and type in each. The KVM I got was USB based, so it's going back......if I ditch this second gig and use all four monitors on the same PC then it would come in handy, although there might be an option I could look up to hook up the other two monitors.

I cleaned up Mouse without Borders and it's improved quite a bit with setting adjustments. I have some post on some other Microsoft help sites, we'll see what happens. Part of the problem is any time I have to do anything I have to contact corporate IT and have them admin in.

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