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Who would be on your Hall of Fame ballot?

Who would you have voted for this year?  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick 10 for the Hall of Fame

    • Curt Schilling
    • Roger Clemens
    • Barry Bonds
    • Omar Vizquel
    • Scott Rolen
    • Billy Wagner
    • Gary Sheffield
    • Todd Helton
    • Manny Ramirez
    • Jeff Kent
    • Andruw Jones
    • Sammy Sosa
    • Andy Pettitte
    • Bobby Abreu
    • Tim Hudson
    • Mark Buehrle
    • Torii Hunter
    • Dan Haren
    • Barry Zito
    • Aramis Ramirez

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4 minutes ago, Torridd said:

I just feel there are many HOFers with shaded pasts: spitballers/cheaters, racists, etc. Why not steroids? I feel many took advantage of it and very little players really made an HOF mark.


I don't think any cheaters belong in the HOF. 

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41 minutes ago, Lou said:

Unfortunately for them, it doesn't work that way. 


I was thinking the same.  Of course it's on them.


I'm assuming Helton is because of the park he played in.  Or is there other factors?  

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Ive always kind of shrugged my shoulders at the steroid thing. Figured everyone was doing it... and guys in the past were using amphetamines, spitballs, blah blah blah


I still more or less think that way. Buuuut...


Last few days ive been binging on some youtube channel called baseball doesnt exist, or something like that. A few of the vids went in depth about guys like arod, canseco, etc. And what their numbers were before and after juicing. Pretty eye opening. 

I didnt realize arod was using since high school.... thinking about that, you really have to wonder what they really would have been. At bare minimum, they wouldnt be legends

I agree that guys like bonds were likely in before they used. But maybe thats more of a rare occurrence than the rule. And its hard not to judge them against guys like aaron, when the roid generation closes in on them.

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