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Which pitching option would you prefer?

Which pitching option would you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which would you prefer?

    • Bauer for 7/$210-245M (or so) + scraps and clean peanuts = +$35-40M AAV
    • Tanaka for 3/$50-60M + sign one good reliever + maybe a solid OF (e.g. Pillar/Goodwin) = +$25-30M AAV
    • Odorizzi or Paxton for 2-3 years, $25-45M + sign a couple good relievers and maybe a solid OF (e.g. Pillar) = +25-30M AAV
    • Trade Marsh for Gray + sign a couple good relievers and maybe platoon PF (e.g. Pillar) = $20-25M AAV

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19 minutes ago, Justin said:

Diggstown. My most rewatchable movie (after Spy Game). I had the poster on my living room wall well into my adult life. I thought I might meet a woman who loves it as much as I do and as soon as she saw the poster she would fall in love with me forever. (It did not happen.)

My God, you're hideous. Why do you even bother?


Spy Game is the shit 

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I will still go on record as Bauer isn’t getting $35-40 million unless he signs a 1-2 year deal, which would be dumb on his part.  I think he will be signed for between $28-31 million a year for 5-6 y

Lou Gossett, Jr. is the reason why my gf no longer asks me what I want on my sandwiches.

I want to hear him say “may-o-naise “ or “I don’t see any horns “ at least once a week.

2 hours ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

Congress currently working out the math on which would be a dumber move, so they can go with that one.

Then when the people are pissed, some up and comer politician proposes sending everyone a laser disc of Congo the following month.

"Ugly. Gorilla. Ugly. Go away!"

Congo is such an underrated movie.

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