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Where will Bauer sign?  

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  1. 1. Which team do you think is most likely to sign Trevor Bauer?

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Bauer has pitched in 4 of the last 5 playoffs. In the other season, his team won 93 games. I'd welcome that "distraction".

Where will Bauer sign? Maybe DelTaco?

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On 1/20/2021 at 1:23 AM, Second Base said:

I think Bauer wants to be part of a young, up and coming team that's also willing to massage his ego and let him take the spotlight, while also not having to pitch in a homer happy home field. 

Whatever you can find that fits that description, go ahead and run with it. Angels won't massage his ego, SF doesn't have the farm, Dodgers would, but they already have six starters. 

The Mariners actually make a ton of sense here, and I would like him even less than I do right now. He's an egotistical prick that calls out cheaters and fires freaking fastballs over the CF wall when he's pissed, and hires his hot ex girlfriend to be his agent. Kind of both awesome and awful at the same time.

No way

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14 minutes ago, khouse said:

Apparently he & Callaway are not fans of one another. Now...if you'll excuse me (in keeping with the cheapness of this organization) I'm going to go & put my head into an Easy Bake oven...


lol at cheapness

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8 hours ago, Mark68 said:

Thank God, it can now be over.

Bauer would have been both a help and a distraction...just like dating a super hot complete psycho. 

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Would be funny to see all of the other so-called interested teams bow out, citing payroll limits. If i was a GM, t would really bother me to have Bauer want a team to partner with his "Brand", whatever that means.  I would have real doubts how that would work in the clubhouse.  Maybe when he come back to planet earth, he will get some offers.

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20 minutes ago, Warfarin said:

The Mets are likely bidding against themselves.  I don't see Bauer as someone the Dodgers would sign.  

Depends on the price. Friedman generally avoids long term deals. I don't see Bauer getting anything close to 250 from either of those teams, though. Wouldn't be shocked to see him take something like a 1 year, 40m deal, though, and try again after next season. Not sure it's the smartest move, but it seems like one a guy like Bauer might make. 

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33 minutes ago, Warfarin said:

Anything after "Jon Heyman says.." should be immediately discredited as rubbish.

He should be fired and replaced by Paul Heyman.   Even he probably knows more about the inner workings of baseball than Jon Heyman.

Edited by Angel Oracle
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