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Joe Musgrove to the Padres

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Padres get another pitcher, Pirates get Head, and all I've got are blue balls.

And the reason they can do this is because they didn't shoot their wad before they were ready.  They kept building and building and building.   Fourteen years between playoff appearances, ten years be

The trade is so lopsided that BTV won’t even let you post it on their boards 😂

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53 minutes ago, angelsnationtalk said:

I think the Musgrove trade can be a BIG positive for the Angels. Yes, I thought they were done and likely were heavy after Musgrove, but I think this lights a little fire under Arte's ass again. 

Last year for example, we lost out on Cole and the Angels immediately flipped and went to Rendon. Was it a pitcher? No, but it was still a position we needed to fill. 

The Angels (by firing Eppler, having internal talks with Trout, etc, and saying payroll isn't going down) has given me thought that the Angels have publicly announced they need pitching help and know they need to win now. 

Arte doesn't want to show up empty handed. Let's say the Angels were in talks for Musgrove, Darvish and maybe even Snell. We've struck out on everything so far. 

One piece we haven't missed? Bauer. If it's a bidding war for a pitcher I doubt Arte will let it slide again. He's made it clear we need pitching, payroll won't go down and things need to change. 

Angels are in on Bauer. And now that Musgrove is gone, I don't think the Angels are going to let him get away. 

I went from thinking we're going to get a Quintana or Happ.... but now I firmly believe it will be Bauer to Anaheim, and I think it happens this week.

I hope this happens but, until it does...keep dreaming. Also...honest to God...some of you really need to keep it down or you're going to wake Perry...

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13 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

They are if they sign Bauer, or at least close to it.

If Bauer does not sign another sub 500 season. Even with Bauer bullpen needs work, I'm pissed maybe if Ohtani can pitch we need an ace. Need ace and a number 2 if you really want to contend. We still have the prospects, Adell and Marsh be ready in 2 or 3 years. Cannot see why Minasian could not have put a package to get Musgrove. Then go sign Bauer and your rotation be set. With Musgrove contract could afford to spend higher for Bauer. 

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I’m pretty disappointed with this news.  What can you say I guess.  I’ve mostly believed that the angels primary route to getting pitching was through FA .  That remains true it seems.  As far as trade, I guess Jon Grey ? A few others.  Few realistic options as compelling as Musgrove.  

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10 minutes ago, Angels 1961 said:

Does Bauer want to come here?

Right now it would appear he's on the same trajectory as Cole. You know...we talk & talk all off-season about acquiring said player until he signs with someone else..."We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" | The ...

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I don’t really know what the Angels are going to do.  It’s really starting to feel like other teams simply don’t value a lot of our farms assets in a way that makes trading possible.  That’s nothing new, but I had hoped that maybe the situation was getting better.  Apparently not.  

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