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Victor Rojas' Play By Play Replacement

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4 hours ago, jsnpritchett said:

It'll probably be a TV/radio simulcast with Jose Mora and Terry Smith. Haven't they done the early spring training games in recent years?

Yeah. The past few years it's almost always been Smith and Mota, with Trent Rush or Mark Gubicza occasionally filling in for a couple of games at most each spring.

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On 2/24/2021 at 2:35 PM, Jay said:

So I chatted with a support person at T-Mobile and he said they would make it right and give me another month on my MLB.TV subscription. We'll see if that actually happens, he said it could take 48 hours. For now I'll share what it currently says in my account info on MLB.com:



It didn't happen, lol.

Anyway even though my subscription doesn't expire until March 1, it won't let me watch today's games.

MLB is kind of fucked up.

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22 hours ago, Chuckster70 said:


Has an official announcement been made re Terry Smith being the permanent replacement for Victor Rojas for TV for the regular season?  I'd be OK with that. Have always appreciated Terry Smith's call of the game (will miss Victor Rojas - he certainly is taking 'early retirement' from the pbp gig but perhaps more should to spend more family time) For the 2021 season the Angels should probably simeulcast TV/Radio call with Terry Smith and save some over-head. Makes sense during this COVID-19 pandemic limitation of fan attendance protocol period of time.

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Chuck - I missed your initial post on this thread - so apparently they have someone in mind who can't make it until after Spring Training -- perhaps some one with March Madness pbp duties?

I could be OK with that - sort of a snub to Terry Smith - who I like on the pbp call.

As long as the new guy with possible March Madness obligations isn't BILL WALTON.  I commented in a response to another thread where an AW poster joked that 'Hawk Harrelson' is available - that the best  description I could give of that that would be like to have BILL WALTON doing our Halos Play By Play.....LOL !!!


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I get the MLB audio package each year - actually I never cancel it after the season so I pay $2.99 a month in the off-season as well.

But it's a heck of a deal -- all MLB games, home and away.

but I'm a dinosaur throw back old school guy who would rather listen to the game on the radio anyway.

that's why I probably like Terry Smith's call more than most here -- I have listened to a lot of Terry Smith called games over the years and after a while it's an acquired taste and the regular pbp guy becomes 'your guy' ---

When the Angels switched from Physioc to Rojas (that seems like two years ago and, of course, was probably more like 10 or 12 - please don't say 15) I did notice the quality upgrade day one.  Physioc has been one of the Kansas City Royals announcers since then ( Rex the Wonder Dog is also on that broadcast team but not always or ever teamed with Physioc)

The KC regular pbp guy -  is the son of Jimmy Leferbvre (former Dodger and 1965 ROY) . He's pretty good pbp guy.



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31 minutes ago, disarcina said:

ahh, LOU - that's harsh -- I mean he's not the quality level of the late Dick Enberg but he's OK.

I guess you would rather have Jose Mota on the pbp ?

But, what do I know, the Angels management apparently agrees with your opinion on this.

No, they both suck. 

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