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OC Register: Angels GM Perry Minasian waits patiently for market to get moving

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If it feels to you like the Angels have been too quiet this winter, you’re not alone.

General manager Perry Minasian is right there with you in wishing he had been able to cross more items off his to-do list in his first two months on the job, although he understands it’s been quiet industry-wide. Uncertainties about finances during the pandemic have likely contributed to the slow pace of activity.

“It’s been a different offseason,” Minasian said on Monday. “It seems like there’s been less activity. We’ve been one of the more active teams and it seems like we haven’t done anything in a year.”

So far the Angels have made three significant moves, trading for closer Raisel Iglesias and shortstop Jose Iglesias and signing free agent reliever Alex Claudio.

Their biggest need, in the starting rotation, remains unaddressed, despite Minasian’s insistence that it’s been his focus and they have been involved with just about everyone.

And things are beginning to pick up after a relatively quiet period over the holidays, Minasian said.

“There are more conversations,” Minasian said. “I don’t have a timeline. I have no idea when things are going to fall in place. I have been as active as I can be, but at the end of the day we’ll see what happens.”

So far, the starting pitching market has seen several of the top names go off the board. Blake Snell, Yu Darvish and Lance Lynn have been traded and Marcus Stroman, Kevin Gausman, Charlie Morton, Robbie Ray and Mike Minor all came off the free agent market, either by signing or accepting qualifying offers.

Trevor Bauer, the best free agent starter when the winter began, remains available. There figures to be mutual interest between Bauer and the Angels, although it’s unclear to what extent.

Bauer posted a video on his YouTube channel on Sunday night explaining what he wants out of his next team. He suggested he wants a team that has a chance to win the World Series, is open to his ideas on pitching (including pitching every fourth day) and is open to him building his brand on social media.

After Bauer, the list of available starters includes a wide spectrum of pitchers who are older, coming off bad seasons or coming off injuries: Jake Odorizzi, Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, Taijuan Walker, Jose Quintana, Garrett Richards and Jon Lester, among others.

The Angels also could trade for a pitcher like Joe Musgrove.

Minasian said the Angels are also looking to add depth at catcher and in the outfield. They have been connected to the Chicago Cubs on catcher Willson Contreras, who played under Joe Maddon in Chicago.

While the Angels still have plenty of work to do in order to improve their roster enough to end their six-year playoff drought, Minasian takes solace in the fact that they still have time.

They are scheduled to have pitchers and catchers report for spring training on Feb. 16, although that’s subject to change because of COVID-19.

“Spring training doesn’t start tomorrow,” Minasian said. “There’s still plenty of time to improve the club. At the end of the day, things happen when they happen.”

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My feeling talking to Minasian is they have a lot of stuff out there, both trades and free agents, and he is waiting for the other side to say yes.    As long as there’s no deadline, it’s hard

For those of you who are calling for quick action... the lack of patience is what cost the Angels in acquiring players from the Dodgers last off season... right?

I have tried to get an idea of the extent to which any of those names are realistic and so far I’ve been unable to get further than the fact that they are involved. 

10 minutes ago, AngelsWin.com said:

Bauer posted a video on his YouTube channel on Sunday night explaining what he wants out of his next team. He suggested he wants a team that has a chance to win the World Series, is open to his ideas on pitching (including pitching every fourth day) and is open to him building his brand on social media.

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20 minutes ago, Lou said:

Thanks, @Jeff FletcherFletcher!

Indeed, thank you @Jeff Fletcher

You can also thank him by subscribing to the OC Register for a small monthly cost since we get all of the Angels news from Fletcher here w/o any cost or subscription. 

I've had one since last summer. Let's go guys! 

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Fletcher just trying to do his job, but this off-season has just been brutal. Very few story lines. 

October: Angels didn't win the World Series and are now looking for a new GM. Angels also are going to be needing two starting pitchers, a rebuilt bullpen, a RF, a SS and a catcher.

November: Angels hire Perry Minasian. Angels trade for SS Jose Iglesias. While he isn't the target anyone was expecting, he should do fine. Angels still need two starting pitchers, an entire bullpen, a catcher and a RF. Lost out on Gausman and Stroman. 

December: Angels begin their bullpen rebuild with Raisel Iglesias, Alex Claudio, and their rule 5 pick. Likely still need one of two more pieces. Still need two starting pitchers, catcher and RF. Lost out on Darvish and Snell. 

January: Nothing. 30 days out from pitchers and catchers reporting. If something is going to happen, it needs to happen soon. Lost out on Sugano and Carrasco. 


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28 minutes ago, Lou said:

It's only January 11th.

I agree. It is the 11th and there's time. They also likely need to bring in six more players in the next four weeks or so. 

That's a lot of movement that needs to happen in a short amount of time, that's all. Should make for an entertaining late January. 

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