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Jo Adell or Brandon Marsh?

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Next, you're going to ask us to watch your vlog... give us hints on Twitter... have your agent drop hints and then Jon Heyman will spew a bunch of lies about your possible choice.  I see how this work

I saw Marsh playing at Inland Empire in 2018, caught about 12 or more games. Then at the AFL the following year. I got lucky and was there for four of the games he played.  He can cover grass and

As the man compiling the lists of the Prospect Posse, I will say that we're split on this issue - and it is very close. But to see who we collectively feel is the top Angels prospect, stay tuned...

For the Angels, Marsh. Simply because I believe that Marsh will be an impact player in MLB sooner than Adell will. I could be wrong, but Marsh seems more polished, even though he doesn't have any more MLB experience. With this Angels team, they don't have the time to wait for players to develop. Trout and Rendon are only gonna get older.

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I saw Marsh playing at Inland Empire in 2018, caught about 12 or more games. Then at the AFL the following year. I got lucky and was there for four of the games he played. 

He can cover grass and also knows where he is going. Very strong arm. He does not chase a bunch of junk at the plate. Uses the entire field and as a bonus bats left handed. He is confident without coming across as a dick. Really mixes well with teammates.  

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1 hour ago, Angelsjunky said:

One thing to keep in mind about Adell, @DCAngelsFan, is that he's no Chevy "Toolsly-but-no-brains" Clarke. He works really hard and is a smart kid. He'll work on what he needs to work on, so I have faith that he'll become, at least, a pretty good player.

Oh, yeah, I know - he seems like a really smart and focused guy -mature, too - which is promising.   Just after hearing so much about him, he often looked overmatched.  

I'm not down on him - any expectation that he'd be ready for the bigs at that age was a bit unrealistic.  That said, he needs to improve, and his risk went up since last year.  

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I’m more worried about Adams. His hitting at Low A ball was just ok.

Adell and Marsh both are better fielders and despite Adell’s problems in 2020 all three are good fielders. Adams speed means he’s the center fielder but Marsh is the best fielder. 

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1 hour ago, Revad said:

Could I just say where the fuck is the pitching...



Chris Rodriguez and Reid Detmers are both very good prospects; Rodriguez, in particular, has elite stuff and just needs to remain healthy. Detmers is very polished and should be in Anaheim by early 2022 at the latest, possibly this year. After them, you have Yan, who will either be a good reliever or a decent starter, JA Rivera, who should rise quickly and be a very good reliever. Similarly with Robinson Pina. Then you have guys like Aaron Hernandez, Packy Naughton, and Oliver Ortega, who are either major league ready or close to ready. They don't project to be more than #4-5 starters or long relievers, but should give solid depth.

If I were to rate the farm in sections, it would be:

Outfielders: excellent depth, tons of interesting prospects. Grade A.

Infielders: some very promising pieces, but mostly very low minors. Could be a real strength a year from now. Grade B.

Pitching: A few very good prospects, and some decent ones, but relatively thin. Needs work. Grade C.

Catcher: Weak-sauce. Grade F.

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1 minute ago, Jeff Fletcher said:

Jim Edmonds is in the top 2 percent of players in major league history, by the way. 

Which is why I said he's the absolute best projection for Marsh, and that it is unlikely to happen. But I think AO's original point is that they have similar skill sets, which is supported by a similar minor league profile. Meaning, they're similar types of players. 

The thing I like about Marsh is that he's average or better at everything. Nothing stands out as elite, but when you have a player who can do everything at even just an average level, you have someone who not only has a very high floor but is more than the sum of his parts, which is why I hold the cautiously optimistic view that he'll at least be a 4+ WAR borderline star.

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25 minutes ago, Dtwncbad said:

If you believe all the "Upton sucks" takes, the Angels about a month away from needing both.

What is worrying about Upton is that while he struggled with various injuries over the last two years, his stat lines were very similar:

2019: .215/.309/.416, 92 wRC+

2020: .204/.289/.422, 95 wRC+

That's -0.2 WAR in 105 games played, pretty much the definition of replacement player.

The Angels aren't in a bad position, though, with Marsh and Adell waiting in the wings. Upton's job is probably safe for 1-2 months, but depending upon how he and the two prospects perform, his clock is obviously ticking. I'd say there are tree broad possibilities:

1. Upton continues at 2019-20 level or worse, but Marsh and Adell are slow to get started. Result: Upton keeps his job until one of Marsh or Adell get hot.

2. Upton continues at 2019-20 level or worse, and Marsh and/or Adell hit the ground running. Result: Upton is phased out, starting in May or June.

3. Upton improves back to 2018 level or close to (123 wRC+, 3.1 WAR). He keeps his job, and Marsh/Adell have to win playing time via RF/DH/1B.

Of course if Ward/Schelber is a disaster, Marsh/Adell might get playing time there first.

Regardless, I think there's a good chance Upton is in a platoon/bench role by season's end. 


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