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Victor Rojas Appreciation Thread: Resigns as Angels play by play announcer

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There have been times the last few years where the only thing that made Angels games even passable was Rojas and his commentary.   This one sucks.   Who is even out there in need of a job?

As a huge fan and good friend of Victor Rojas this is sad news. We're all really going to miss him from the booth.  But I get it. My priorities have taken a sharp turn ever since my grandson was

I truly hope Terry Smith does not slide over to the TV side of things.  

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Well this sucks. Terry shouldn’t move over bc he’s 65. Not everyone wants to announce into their 70’s and 80’s the way Vin did for the Dodgers.

I hope they’ll get someone good and that eliminates Jose Mota. Maybe they move someone over from the pregame show but most of those guys are not play by play voices. Don’t know if they can do it or not. 

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Just now, calscuf said:

Terrible news.  Is Daron Sutton still with the Tigers?  

His last MLB team was the Diamondbacks in 2012 and was fired for "insubordination" or simply calling out management. He does some small time college and high school sports for Fox Sports 1. 

I'd rather they take a look at Mario Impemba that did play by play for the Tigers and was recently let go by the Red Sox. 

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This is extremely disappointing. Victor is outstanding. He was entertaining, and he did not hesitate to question or criticize the actions of the coaches or players when he diid not like what he saw. 

I think a lot of people aren't going to realize how good Victor was and how lucky we were to have him until they hear his replacement. (Feel free to draw your own Scioscia parallels.) 

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We've been pretty spoiled over the years when it came to radio/TV play by play guys, with the exception of Rex Hudler. I'm really gonna miss Victor, I thought he was one of the best we've had. On the flip side I'd assume Terry Smith will slide to TV, but damn, I can't get over the teeth. 

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Considering that the Angels seem to always disappoint us, I think the most likely move is that they move Terry Smith to TV PBP and have Jose Mota (or maybe Trent Rush) take over as Radio PBP.

I'd prefer that they bring in someone new to replace Victor. I'd first try to poach some of the top up guys like Brian Anderson and Joe Davis, but I doubt that happens.

After that, I would then turn to guys like Aaron Goldsmith in Seattle who have a part time gig, but not a full 162 game schedule. Those people might be attainable because they'd be the #1 guy instead of the backup/fill-in guy.

If that goes nowhere, I think you then turn to former full time PBP guys who don't currently have full time PBP gigs. Such as Mario Impemba, Matt Vasgersian, and Rich Waltz.

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I liked Phys and Hud, I know I’m in the minority.

Rory was better on the radio but understand why they switched him over, he and Terry sounded too similar.

And While I think Gubicza has great points and a good eye for the game, I also can’t stand him some times. Like when he roots for the Phillies openly while also doing the commentary for the Angels.

Victor was great for us and I’ll miss his familiar voice on the broadcasts. There was nothing I didn’t like about his style or personality.

I do think they should hire someone with Angels ties. 


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