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Angels acquisition that you were 'meh' on that turned out pretty good?

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Simba. I was so excited to see Newcomb pitch for the Angels and I loved Aybar in all his bizarre glory.  I had no idea how many defensive gems we were in for. 

Adam Kennedy...  

Maldonado for bandy...

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1 minute ago, Chuckster70 said:

I'll start...

David Eckstein, Dylan Bundy, Max Stassi and......

Mike Trout. Honestly, when the Angels drafted him, I thought his swing was weird. I liked Grichuk better, until I saw Trout in Cedar Rapids. Then I knew he was headed for stardom.

David Fletcher too. I had no idea he would make a developmental leap like this from AAA to the majors. 

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Many of the answers on here were mine too, although I knew that Bundy had a solid post-ASB in 2019 on cutting back a lot on the HRs allowed and not throwing the heat so much.

The Figgins and Fregosi trades were definitely the most in favor of the Halos in franchise history.

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I’ll go Torri Hunter. I was happy we got him, but didn’t expect him to be worth his contract. But he actually became a better hitter once he got here, stayed healthy, and was a great clubhouse guy. He earned every penny of his deal. Along with Vlad, he was probably the best free agent signing the Angels have ever had. 

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4 hours ago, T.G. said:

Adam Kennedy...

Yep, especially because of who went the other way (Jim Edmonds).  Kent Bottenfield also went this way in the deal, but pfft....

I was fairly bitter about that whole trade until about the bottom of the 7th of Game 5 of the 2002 ALCS.  I was over it after that point.

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