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Angels acquisition that made you the most excited?

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7 hours ago, mmc said:

Throughout all of your years of being an Angels fan, which player were you the most excited about when the Angels acquired him?  Please don't list players that came up through the Angels system, this is strictly about free agent signings/trades.  For me, as someone who did not follow baseball transactions heavily until 2013, it's Rendon.  Though if we got Bauer or someone like Castillo, they might become my #1.

Vlad and its not close

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Vladdy and it's not even close. 

Pujols, easily. The old forum was on cloud 9. When CJ Wilson and LaTroy Hawkins happened in the following hours everyone wanted to suck Dipoto's dick.   That didn't turn out so well.  

The first "big splash" for me as a fan was Mo Vaughn.  Who promptly sprained the ever-loving shit out of his ankle on what seemed to be the first play on the first home game. 

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Been a fan since 1976, and for me, it was actually Mark Langston. I really thought he was on the cusp of being one of the elite pitchers of baseball when he signed, and, after a winning season in 1989, he made a really good pitching staff even better. It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, what with his struggles out of the gate in 1990 and all, but he was a pretty solid pitcher while he was with the Angels.

I got really excited when we got Vlad, also, and I think that signing turned out the best out of all the free agents the Angels acquired in their history.

I loved the acquisition when it happened, but I always file Torii Hunter's signing as the "most shocking." I've always been in tune with the hot-stove scuttlebutt in the papers and websites, so I would usually have an indication that a player was going to sign somewhere before the actual announcement, but with Torii, I never saw any story, report, tidbit or item connecting him with the Halos until I read the story that he was signed. Fortunately, that one worked out really well for the Angels, also.

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For me....Don Baylor "The Groove" great guy, solid player! He brought a mean streak to us we really hadn't had before and took charge in the clubhouse! Our team became respected. And he loved and respected the Cowboy!

Didn't really know what Ryan would end up being at the time of the trade for Fregosi. 

They are probably my Top 10 favorite Halos of all time.


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3 hours ago, mmc said:

I’m actually surprised at how many say Ohtani.  I was definitely excited for him, but he was too much of an unknown commodity for me to have gotten more excited about getting him over someone like Rendon

This is AW where every poster has scouted and evaluated every player; amateur and professional, foreign and domestic. 

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I"m definitely in the "Vlad-by-far" camp.  He's the only Angel I'd stop whatever I was doing to watch his ABs - he was magnetic - And no doubt: Trout is a much more complete player... I'm real leery of overweight guys in the second half of their productive years (Mooo, Cecil Fielder, Pujols, etc.), so my excitement was always tempered... but I'm a little surprised Kendrys isn't getting more play...


1 - Vlad





2 - Greinke

3 - Shohei

4 - Pujols

5 - Kendrys Morales

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On 1/8/2021 at 9:57 PM, T.G. said:

Vlad's 2004 MVP season was really special. He carried the team the last few weeks into the postseason. It was one if the most impressive stretches I've ever seen. He was a wrecking machine; especially against Texas, if I remember correctly. 

That is probably my all time favorite season by a player wearing an Angels uniform. He had the swagger and that menacing swing.

Trout's MVP seasons have been special, but Vlad's was more memorable to me because it had so many big moments.

I think, at least for me, the trout vs vladdy thing is that you expect perfection from mike. Hes flawless, a baseball player through and through.

Vlad did a bunch of things he shouldnt.... no plate discipline. Made poor decisions on the basepaths, throws etc. But even with that, always seemed to do some cool thing in spite of it.

He was like this big, goofy kid. And even as a superstar, he was humble.

Guy was just so likeable. And a beast at the plate. That two handed swing, regardless of the count.... loved it

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