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9 minutes ago, T.G. said:

He had quite a legacy. Larger than life character for sure.  Sure thought the world of Mike Scioscia.

Although I wasn't a fan of the man, I appreciated the fact that he usually spoke his mind.

Exactly my thoughts! 

RIP Tommy. 

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Growing up with a father and brother who were bigger Dodgers fans than Angels, and attending an elementary school in LA County just after the Dodgers won the '88 series, I was not a fan of Tommy's antics at all. As an adult, with the benefit of perspective, I came to realize that baseball was more fun because of Tommy, and that's all you can ever ask of someone.

RIP, Tommy. 93 years is a great run. 

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The one Lasorda story, quite possibly a myth, that i always remembered but couldnt find proof of was the time he was supposedly arguing with an ump to fire up the team and it was all about pizza toppings or some silliness like that just putting on a show to fire them up.
I dont know if it was actually true or not but i heard it from so many people back in the day. 

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I ran into him several times when I was younger. Was a real nice guy in person. For all his success, he lived in the same probably 1500 square foot house in a decent, not at all great, neighborhood. And was always very approachable when you ran into him, or were a kid in the neighborhood.


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he was a fun character to listen to when he first came, and always had a funny story to tell (and he was a truly great story teller). i appreciated his passion for the game and especially for his dodgers. 

a few years ago it was dodger night at the hollywood bowl and my church bought a block of tickets, so we went. they sang "take me out to the ballgame" and had a few of the players up on stage, including lasorda. he started talking and it turned into a rant against the angels. it was tacky and made him look bitter. it left a sour taste in my mouth, too.

i hope his wife is doing okay.

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